Zara Larsson Height weight and Net Worth

Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer and a songwriter who first got into popularity after she won a television show in Sweden which was Swedish version of the Got Talent. She was born in Solna, Stockholm country in Sweden in 16 December 1997. Her popularity has increase the number of people who would search for Zara Larsson height, weight and her other personal information.


Zara Larsson height : 1.63m or 5’5”

Zara Larsson net worth : $1.5 Million

Zara Larsson weight : 140 lbs

Zara Larsson age : 18 years

Zara Larsson Height

There are certain controversies on Zara Larsson’s height in the internet. There is not any exactly reliable websites or sources that have exactly quoted her height. While some websites claim that her height might be somewhere around 5 feet and 6 inches, while some say that she is even more shorter. As she is just 18 years old and her height has potential to increase, there is not any concrete information on her height at the moment. However a source close to her family has said that she is 5 feet and 5 inches height. This might change with her increase in age as she has some more time to grow, but at the moment Zara Larsson height is 5’5”.

Zara Larsson Weight

Zara Larsson height

Similar is condition with Zara Larsson weight. There is not any concrete information about her weight. So we have been able to consult with the source close to her family and came to a conclusion that her weight is around 127 lbs which is equivalent to 57 kilograms of weight. According to the BMI index, 127 kilogram weight for a girl of her age is an ideal weight which means Zara Larsson has been able to keep up her weight upto an average one.

Zara Larsson Net Worth

Zara Larsson is a popular celebrity after she was able to win the Swedish television show which is equivalent to the Got talent in Sweden. Perfectly she was able to win some cash prize in the show which has helped to meet up her net worth value. Additionally she has an official YouTube Channel which has more than 250 thousand fans followers which would add up income in her account.

Beside, she also has an official vevo YouTube account which has more than 2 million followers. This is certainly something that could add up income. She is a celebrity with huge fan following. She has more than 1.9 million followers in her official Instagram account, her twitter account has more than 600k followers, and she has more than 850 k followers in her official Facebook account which makes her a good choice in marketing point of view. This means she might have some endorsements deals which would had helped to increase her net worth.

Zara Larsson estimated Net Worth : $1.5 Million

After her victory in the television show, she has really been a popular name not only in Sweden, but also in different place in the world. She was named in the 30 most influential teens by the times magazine which shows her influence among the teens. She has been popular among the fans, this is why many fans search Zara Larsson height, weight and so on.

Some Facts about Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson height is around 5 ft and 5 inches. Although she has a lot of age remaining to grow, this is not her permanent height as she might grow taller with time.

She is a great Game of Thrones fan. She could not resist when Jon Snow was brought back to life and displayed her happiness with a tweet in her official twitter account.

She performed in Euro 2016 closing ceremony along with David Guetta. She performed ‘this one’s for you.’

She signed three years contract with Epic Records in the United states of America.

She was born in a hospital in Sweden. In an interview she said that she was born dead due to lack of oxygen.

She has a younger sister who is also a singer.

She won the GOT talent version of Sweden when she was only 10. She won around 500,000 Swedish money which is equivalent to 55,000$ as per today’s calculations.

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