Miranda Kerr Net Worth – Income Source Analysis

The Australia born model Miranda Kerr Net Worth is one of the most searched topic among the richest supermodel on the internet. She was born in Sydney and raised in New South Wales and her parents are Therese and John Kerr. She has a brother Matthew who is two years younger than her. Her family moved to Brisbane as her parents decided that their children needed to experience City life in order to understand and read more about their life.

She has explained that her accent is mostly English but sometimes she mixes smaller amount of Scottish and French while she speaks. She has been featured in a YouTube video by Vanity fair where she teaches kids to speak in an Australian accent. The video has over 200,000 views on YouTube and has more than 191 comments.

Miranda Kerr Net Worth

She is a popular figure in Social media, with the Australian supermodel having more than 8 Million fans on her official Facebook account. She almost has reach 10 million followers on Instagram as she has over 9.7 millions followers which is a great achievement for such popular model.

Kerr graduated from All Hallow’s School on nutrition and and health psychology before she started her career on modelling. This happened back in 2000 when she was 17 years old as she was born in 20 April, 1983. Although her professional modelling career got a limelight later only after her graduation, the Australia born model was already into her passion from young age. She entered and won a modelling competition in 1997 when she was only 13 years of age. She was flown to the Sydney only to shoot for her magazine before her 14th birthday which states that she was into modelling from a long time back. The local media caught attention and started promoting her while she was very young. The media attention led to the controversies on glorification of young girls into modelling.

Following her success, she became the first model to get offer in Victoria’s secret, after replacing the richest supermodel in the world, Gisele Bundchen back in 2007. She became the first Victoria’s secret Angel after she accepted the offer. She also replaced Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio as the face of the pink in 2006. Her success continue to improve and as a result, she got a small guest appearance in How I met your mother , a popular TV series that aired for 208 episodes where a father recalls his memory to tell a story to his Children about how he met their mother. Miranda Kerr had a guest appearance in one episode in 2009 as Whitney.

The popularity of the Australian model continued to increased as one of the most popular and internationally recognized supermodel. The results were starting to pay as she reportedly earned over 3.5 Million dollars in 2008 which had her in the Forbe’s wold most earning model as she got into the 10th position. The improvement started to show as she was ranked 9th in the list as it was estimated that she made more than $4 million that year.

Miranda Kerr magazine

She started in the cover of Italian magazine Vogue for September. Later, she became the first pregnant model to featured in Vogue, as she was pictured as a six months pregnant mother for Vogue Australia. Later her income status started to improve as she become the brand face of the clothing brand Mango. She was later listed 7th in the world’s highest paid models in 2012 after her certain success which included an endorsement deal with mango. Her estimated income that year as reported by Forbes was around $4 Million United states dollar.

Later on 2013 she failed to renew contract with Victoria Secret as the reports claimed that it was her difficult reputation that failed the contract. However, she later explained that she failed to commit time because of which the contract process did not go through. The improve on income was clear stated as she jumped up five position to rank second in the world’s highest paying model as it was estimated that she earned over $7.5 million that year, which was a $3.5 million improvement on her previous year’s earning. She was only behind Brazilian supermodel Gisele in the list as the top earning model. Although the deal with VS which was reported around $1 million a year failed, she made a good improvement on her earning making a great addition which was almost the doubled amount of earning which she made in the previous year.

Miranda Kerr net worth

Miranda Kerr’s income and value got noticed when she was placed tenth in the Forbe’s world’s richest supermodels after she made a total income of 3.5 Million United States dollar. The income improved to $4 million in following two years, while she made a total earning of $7.5 million in 2013 which pushed her to second in the rank. This was a $3.5 million rise in her income. The total income analysis and Miranda Kerr Net worth is estimated to be around $31 Million.

She was able to pull up deals with detergent brand Bold and skincare line Kora which has helped tremendously to increase her net worth value.

Miranda Kerr Facts

She is a dog lover and she has a dog named Frankie. She sometimes shares a picture of her with her pet on her official Instagram page.

Miranda, who was born in Australia back in 1983 is Aries.

Her weight as of 2015 August was 119 pounds and she has a height of 5′ 9”.

She loves elephant and has even donated $100,000 to an elephant hospital in Thailand, back in 2014.

She owns her own organic skincare product and she has also written a book. The name of the book is Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation, which has great lessons on self-motivation.

She married actor Orlando Bloom back in 2010 and has one son named Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom who was born in 2011 in LA. She appeared for a magazine photo shoot as a six months pregnant which made her first pregnant model for the magazine, first time ever in their history.

She has a dark brown color hair and blue eyes. Her body measurement is 34-24-34. Her dress size is 2 and her shoes size is 8. Her favorite food is home made fried chicken.

If she was not a model, she would have explored career as a nutrition counselor.

Miranda is currently engaged to Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of SnapChat.

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