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Dylan Sprouse is an American Actor and best popular as a Sprouse brother referred with his Twin brother Cole Sprouse. The major roles for both the twin brothers came in 1999 American comedy film Big Daddy where Dylan played as Julian ‘Frankenstien’ McGrath.

Dylan Sprouse Age

Dylan Sprouse Facts

Dylan Sprouse Girlfriend

Dylan Sprouse Net Worth

Dylan was born with his brother Cole as a Twin in a small hospital in Italy called Clinica Tanganelli to American parents while they were teaching in Italy. Their parents taught English Language in Italy while Dylan Sprouse was born. The major journey in a theoretical release came in 1999 in Big daddy, however the first role came in commercials for diapers. Apparently both the brothers Dylan and Cole played the single role in the commercial switching the roles because of the Child labor rule in America that restricted the amount of time a Child could be filmed in a day.

Dylan Sprouse Net Worth Value

Dylan Sprouse teaches master workshop as CTA/Starlight Foundation honor Dylan & Cole Sprouse at Cochrane Theatre on January 29, 2011 in London, England. Source:HuffPost

Dylan’s first movie Big daddy attracted a mixed reviews and got him and his brother nominated in different awards, however they did not win any. Same year after they started in their first movie, they had a small role in a thriller The Astronaut’s wife. Although their start also saw them in slow period of their career as after getting a role in their first movie, followed by the role in second, they did not find a cast in major role for time being.

Dylan Sprouse Age

Dylan Sprouse was born as a twin to his brother Cole Sprouse in Italy in a small hospital while his parents were a English language teacher there. The duo were born on August 4, 1992 , which makes them 24 years old. Their birthday is two days later when this article is being written. This blog post that features Dylan Sprouse Net worth is being written on August 2, 2014.

Dylan Sprouse Facts

Although Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse are twins and their names come together all the time, the duo have their own interests. Here are some of the facts that only refers to Dylan Sprouse.

When it comes about food, Dylan is very much fond of Chinese and Japanese foods and he likes Pork Chow mein and eggroll. He also loves friend ice cream for dessert and likes pasta as well.

Dylan likes girl who is somehow confident and adventurous. When it comes about look, he loves dark hair and light girl. So if any dark hair girl with light eye wants to impress him, be sure you are confident about what you are doing and makes sure that you enjoy adventures. He wants a girlfriend who could go out and eat anything. He once had a girlfriend who was disgusted by this habit, eventually the relationship did not last for a long time.

Dylan who prefers Xbox other than PlayStation is fond of video games. He enjoys playing video game and has himself studied video game design in the New York University.

“With video games, everything is the narrative,” Dylan shared. “If you think about it, the way you design it is like mechanics, dynamics, and then aesthetics. As a player, you first see the aesthetics, and then you play and you’re like, ‘Oh, I really like the controls!’ And then you realize the mechanics, so it’s backwards for the player.” , Dylan has said to the NyuLocal.com 

Dylan has a dog, and he and his brother Cole named them curry after they loved eating a Japanese Curry.

He prefers Facebook to Myspace, ice cream to cake, rock to R&B , brunetter than blondes , dinner than breakfast, Christmas to Halloween.

Dylan who prefers a rock song also listens to electronic and rap music.

He loves to paint on his free time. His favorite painter is Joe Ledbetter as he believes Ledbetter is very unique and shows a lot of emotion through his work.

Dylan Sprouse Girlfriend

Dylan Sprouse has revealed that he likes a girl with black hair and who loves adventure. He also has stated that his girl should go anywhere with him and eat anything. Once he had a girlfriend who was not very much happy with the idea and eventually the date did not last longer.

Dayna Frazer Dylan Sprouse girlfriend

Dayna Frazer could still be Dylan Sprouse’s girlfriend

As per MTV reports, Dylan Sprouse has a model girlfriend and her name is Dayna Frazer. She is a model and writes in Freedom Model. The couple had not been very much public about their relationship, however they have posted pictures together in Instagram. Frazer is a double-major in political science and history and she moved on to the New York City later.

Dayna, who has more than 140K followers on instagram is a popular figure herself and has dark hair and white eyes as Dylan explains. Dylan who is not public about the relationship added a photo with her on Feb , 2016 celebrating the two years relationship with the model. However the fan theory assumes the break up between these two as he has now removed all the pictures from Instagram which could be the sign of break up. Although the sign could not be clear, the couple might not have broken up and just took the pictures back in order to keep their relationship private.

Dylan Sprouse Net Worth

The amount of money he earns usually comes from acting and endorsement deals. As reported back in 2000, the brothers together earned $40,000 per episode together. They were also assumed to be the highest paid actors in Disney in 2010. They are also the richest and highest paid twin actors. So usually people calculate the net worth together, however we have assumed that they earn equal share of income.

Dylan Sprouse Net Worth : $8 Million

Original Name Dylan Sprouse
Net Worth $8  Million
Income Source Actor
Girlfriend Dayna Frazer
Age 24 years

Dylan’s zodiac sign is Leo and he loves to take more pictures. The actor is very much fond of playing the new game PokemonGo and could not stop playing the new location based game that has taken over the universe. The actor celebrates his birthday on August 4 and turns 24 on August 4, 2016. He has a lot more to do in the coming days along with his brother and his net worth value will only increase in the upcoming days.

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