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Connor Franta is an American entrepreneur and a YouTuber who has more than 5 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel under his name. He was previously a member of YouTube group our second life, however now owns an individual YouTube Channel.Connor Franta’s Net Worth has been increasing since the increase in popularity and improvement on his engagement on the YouTube Videos. He has a middle name on his real name which many people would not know.

Conor Joel Franta

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Connor Franta Wiki

Born in Wisconsin, United States, Connor has movied to the LA, later to become a popular Vlogger and a YouTuber. He has two brothers and a sister. The brothers are Dustin and Brandon and the sister is Nicola. His family, along with all his brothers and sisters are Roman Catholic. People often ask where does Connor Franta lives and despite of his birth on Wisconsin and although his parents moved to Minnesota , he currently lives in Los Angeles.

As a Child, he was overweight and his mother signed him up for a Swimming school. He studied business, while on his second year he added arts as a major with film.

Franta, who then had more than 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube came out as gay as he announced on his YouTube video titled ‘coming out’ where he revealed that he was a gay. The video which was published back in december 2014 eventually has more than 10 million views, 900,000 likes and 180,000 comments as of June 15, 2016.

He has explained in the video that he first thought he was a gay back when he was just 12 but the idea frightened him as it was not normal where he was living. He also revealed that he dated girls back in the high school but never felt the way he should as a normal man. He also also said that his family and friends have been supportive of the announcement and insisted that he would help other people with similar problem but who fail or fear to come out.

Connor Franta

A screenshot of a video where he has revealed that he was a gay

Franta has been praised on different occasions. He was nominated in the Teen choice award in 2014, however he lost to Tyler Oakley, coincidentally who has also openly admitted to be a gay. He was again nominated for favourite YouTuber in the teen choice award but lost again. However, in 2016 he finally won when Franta won the favorite YouTube star in the 42nd People’s choice award.

Conor Franta Middle Name

Conor Franta is usually never called with his middle name. With his YouTube channel not having a middle name on it, he is usually popular with his first and the last name. However his middle name is Joel and many people dont know it as of now, which means his full name is Conor Joel Franta.

Conor Franta Net Worth

Frants is a YouTube star and makes majority of his money from his YouTube vidoes and advertisements on the YouTube videos. However he is also paid to promote some products on his videos. Additionally he is also a writer and that adds up some part of his income. Additionally he is involved in different entrepreneur activities which adds up income.

Conor Franta Net Worth Value : $3 Million USD

Conor Franta Facts

He has more than 5.5 Million subscriber on his official YouTube Channel and has over 355 millions of views in total. He first uploaded a video five  years back and his first YouTube video has over 340,000 views. His most popular video has more than 11 Million views.

He is a popular figure in Social media with more than 20 Million followers on his official Facebook, over 5 Million followers on his Instagram and 4.7 Million Twitter followers where he has mentioned more than 24K tweets.

He has also been involved as a social activist. On his 22nd birthday, he started a fundraiser campaign where he aimed an collection of $120000 to build water wells on Swaziland. The collection was completed in just 10 days after he started the fund raising campaign for the project named ‘The thirst project’.

Franta released a compilation album in 2014, compilation of songs of his choice of up-and-coming actors. The album made top 200 on Billboards and eventually added some bucks to his total income worth. The series of compilation followed making second, third and forth on the list.

He spent over a year to write a book ‘A work in progress’ which stayed over 16 weeks in the New York Time’s best seller list and sold up to 200,000 copies which eventually added wealth to his account, improving value over his estimated net worth.

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