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Tyler Oakley is a popular Vine celebrity and humorist and also a Podcast celebrity who is born in the United States of America. Alongside, he is also an author and activist. Tyler Oakley Net worth is one of the most searched query that adds up with his name, alongside people also search if he is a Gay and about Tyler Oakley boyfriend.

Tyler Oakley

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Tyler Oakley Wiki

Tyler Oakley is a popular YouTube celebrity, a podcast presenter, also an author and an activist born in Jackson, Michigan, United states of America. He has two siblings and his parents divorced when he was a toddler.

Tyler is popularly known for his YouTube videos, which he posts in an account that has more than 8 million subscribers. He is very famous on social media with Tyler’s Facebook almost has 3 Million followers, while his Instagram account has 6.4 million followers.

He is a social activist and usually promotes and has been dedicated to LGBT rights along with some other social issues like healthcare, education, etc.

Oakley has also been seen on National TV on several occasions, one of which came in Insider Tonight, featuring his co-host Kevin Frazier. He and his best friend have also appeared in 28th season of reality TV show, The Amazing race where they finished third.

He has been active in different voluntary and Charity activities and has been an idol for his fans to support and provide help in the social cause. He has been openly supporting The Trevor Project that helps to diminish suicides among the LGBT youth. He has interned with then in 2009 and has been co hosting the show TreverRed, the annual red carpet show of The Trever project. In 2013, he collected a total of $29,000 during his birthday for the Trever project. He aimed to make a total of $24,000 as it was his 24th birthday, however ended up making $5000 more.

He also raised more than $1 Million for the Trever project in the years 2014 and 2015 as a consequence of the similar event. he has written some books, among which ‘BINGE’ has been a popular one. He has been interviewed on popular media, one of which includes an interview on Time for his effort and responsibility towards the society.

Tyler Oakley Facts

Tyler Oakley was born in the United States and has two siblings, his parents divorced when he was just a toddler.

He is very popular socially with his YouTube account has more than 8 Million subscribers, his Facebook account almost has 6 million followers, his Google plus account has over 180,000 followers and his overall videos have been viewed more than 560 Million times.

His most popular YouTube Video was published a year back in 2015 which was the Photobooth challenge which has over 11 Million views, while his first video on YouTube has over 400,000 views and was posted 8 years back.

Tyler’s Oakley’s real name is not Tyler, however its his middle name. His real name is Mathew Tyler Oakley, which he has mentioned in the starting of his book ‘Binge’.

He is a terrible rider which he has mentioned on his book and he has also mentioned that he hates when someone sings him a birthday song.

Tyler had missed out on his dream job at Google as the interviewer mentioned him that he was ‘too creative’ for the job. Either it was a sarcasm or a reality that the interviewer was aiming at the moment, we now surely know that it was true.

Tyler who thinks that Alladin is the hottest character could have chosen to become a teacher or a Pope as a back up profession.

Oakley has once received a dead threat on Twitter from One Direction fan. He is an active Twitter user and has more than 3 Million Twitter followers. When he got a tweet from one of the One direction member, he re-tweeted that he was confused on the matter, and eventually the fans thought that he was insulting 1D member and happened to get threaten from the fans.

He often praises Disney and claims that his favorite movie is Alladin. He has also praised Alladin and cited him as the hottest character.

IS Tyler Oakley Gay ?

Many people ask the question if he is a gay, and the answer is a yes. He has openly admitted the fact that he is a gay.

Additionally he also was a member of a popular collaboration YouTube channel, 5awesomegays  where he produced Friday videos for more than three years. He also has been actively involved to help the LGBT . Additionally he has been helping the Trever project which helps the LGBT youths to stop committing suicide. He has raised over 1 Million dollar for the project and has been hosting their red carpet show since 2011.

Tyler Oakley Boyfriend

Tyler Oakley has openly admitted that he is a boyfriend and is in a relationship, however kept the name of the boyfriend secretly.

Tyler Oakley Net Worth

The YouTube celebrity brings in the major sum of money from his YouTube account videos and different types of endorsements. He also hosts different TV shows and in addition to that promotes products through his YouTube videos in order to generate sales.

Tyler Oakley Net worth : Estimated to be around $2 Million

Original Name Mathew Tyler Oakley
Net Worth 2016 $2 Million
Income Source YouTube, Host, Products, Books
Tyler Oakley Gay Yes he is Gay
Tyler Oakley Boyfriend Secret Relationship


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