Tom Hanks Son Truman Theodore Hanks Facts

Turman Theodore Hanks is the youngest children of famous movie star Tom Hanks. He is forth Children from Tom Hanks and second from his own mother.

Theodore Hanks was born on December 26 1995 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His age as of 27 October, 2016 is 20 years as he turns 22 on December 26.The Los Angeles born youngest son supposedly supports Los Angeles kings, as he was seen along with his dad cheering for Los Angeles Kings in Madison Square Garden Arena in New York. He was seen in the Los Angeles Kings jersey and was chanting along with his father Tom Hanks. Beside, he is also seen supporting Los Angeles Lakers in basketball.

Truman Theodore Hanks

It was four years back when Turman decided to do an AMA, Ask me anything on reddit. “I am the youngest child of Tom Hanks, Would anyone be interested in an AMA ? “, he asked. Attracting lots of question, there were some notable which asked, what was the special day you have spent with your dad, to which he answered that it was tough question. He said that there were many, so it was tough for him to choose which was best one.

Answering to a question that asked how Chet was as a brother, he answered that the relationship between two was very good. Unlikely the beatings he would get when he was younger. Even Chet Hanks with reddit handle entered in the conversation with a comment, “Love you bro”. The verification or identification of the handle is not sure if it was authentic.

His brother Chester Hanks made a tweet and claimed that it was not him but it was someone else who was pretending to be him. He said that he has never heard or used the website and it was someone else who was pretending to become him on the website. Later on, whoever it was, the account was deleted, but certainly created a memorable moment for all the reddit users who were involved in the conversation, or who evidenced the conversation.

The AMA did not just attract positive questions but it also attracted some unwilling question, for which he made an ASKREDDIT post where he asked how to hide a post in reddit. Unfortunately, you could not hide a post on reddit, because which the AMA is still live.

There is an Instagram account that goes with the name Truman Hanks. The account is private and has just over 500 followers. There is no any authentic evidence that the account is his own. However, Tom Hanks was never supporting his children being actively involved in social media. The fact that this account is private could suggest that the account could be Truman’s real Instagram account.

Truman Theodore Hanks Family Members


He has two brother and a sister on his family. Out of his three brothers and sister, he has a half brother and a half sister from his father’s first wife. His own brother from his father and mother is Chester Hanks.

Truman Hanks father Tom Hanks married for the first time with Samantha Lewes. The couple divorced after nine years of marriage and had two children together. The name of the children was Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Ann Hanks. Samantha was a popular American actress and died due to bone cancer.

Colin Hanks is the eldest son of Tom Hanks and was born in 1977 who is 18 years elder than Truman. Colin has been actively involved as an actor as he has been featured in some movies and TV series.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks is Truman’s half sister who was born to Samantha Lewes. She is a writer and has played small roles in couple of movies. She was born on May 17, 1982 and is 13 years elder than Truman.

After getting separated with Samantha Lewes, Tom Hanks married another American actress Rita Wilson. She is a singer and producer along with an actress. With Rita, Tom had two children, both son, one of which is Chester Hanks and other is Truman Theodore Hanks.

Chester Hanks was born on August 4, 1990 and is five years older than Truman. He is Truman’s only sibling who was born from a similar mother and similar father. Chester Hanks is a rapper and has been struggling with Drug habit, he has admitted.

Some Facts about his Father Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was married two times, first with Samantha Lewes who he was in marriage relationship with nine years. He had two children with Samantha. Secondly he married Rita, an American actress and has two children with her, one of which is Truman Theodore Hanks.

He has played in different Hollywood movies and has succeed. His movie on average makes gross collection of more than $100 Million and has a total collection more than $8.8 billion USD.

He has three Siblings, one elder sister and one elder brother and a younger brother. This means Truman has an aunt and two uncles from his brother. His elder sister is a blog writer and has moved to different places. She is currently in Seychelles where she owns a house. His elder brother is a professor in University, while his younger brother is also an actor and sometimes does his voices in movie. His younger brother has played, directed and filmed many short movies. When his parents divorced, three children, including Tom Hanks stayed with their father while the youngest one stayed with his mother.

Tom Hanks says that acting classes are for those who likes to make a lot of noise. He is never supportive about acting classes. He would rather drive and go theater along and watch play. He would completely get into the play and learn from it.

He was given honorary member of United States Army Rangers Hall of Fame for his perfect role representing a captain in movie ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

He wanted to become an astronaut but was not successful, however he supports NASA’s program. His love towards NASA and space has had his involvement in HBO miniseries which was about Apollo programs for sending astronauts in the moon. He was also featured in the movie Apollo 13.

Truman Theodore Hanks has a very good relationship with his father Tom Hanks as he is seen in outing and celebrating holidays with his father. He has a perfect relationship with his brother Chester, however there is not any concrete information about his relationship with his two half siblings. The facts that they have a huge age difference may be the reason why they are not that close. Instead they would want to be away from media, which may be the reason why there is no any news. As Elizabeth Ann Hanks is very much respectful towards her mother Rita, it might suggest that the Hanks family has a strong bond.

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