Top 5 lance Stewart vlogs and Pranks you should not miss

Lance Stewart is a YouTube celebrity and vine star, popular for his Vlogs that he posts on his official YouTube channel. He has more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube at the moment and uploads Vlogs and pranks on a regular basis.

lance stewart girlfriend

This is Lance’s girlfriend Lizzy who has been pictured in many of his vlogs videos

He has more than 8 Million followers on his official Facebook account which shows he is really a great star. Here we will share top five videos from Lance on YouTube which you should not miss, probably if you are a great Lance Stewart fan. Lance makes more than $400,000 estimated income every year from his YouTube videos and his net worth is around $2Million.

Here are some of his videos which you should not miss.

1. My Girlfriend shows her Nipples on Camera

You Should not miss out on this video because this is the most popular video on his YouTube account. This video has been watched for more than four million times. It could easily be presumed that the video has more views than his other videos because it catches more attention from both the title of the video and the thumbnail, which has his girlfriend shown in a two piece shoot.

The video was uploaded only back at the end of April, 2016 and has more views than any other videos on his YouTube channel with just four months.

2. Porn Prank on Girlfriend

This is the second most popular video on lance Stewart’s YouTube profile and you should watch this because of the title. The video was posted on April 2016 and has been viewed over 3 Million times just in four months. This may be because the title is attractive.

In this video, Lance posts various stuffs alongside his mother, father, grandmother and his girlfriend as he always does. In a part of the Vlog, he pranks his girlfriend to check her reaction of what she does if she catches him watching porn. He sets up the camera and plays the sound on the Laptop acting as if he was watching porn. His girlfriend enters the room, freaks out at the beginning , only to know later that he was faking him. That makes her cool, however she says that she was about to throw the Laptop out of embarrassment.

3. Epic Car Show

You should watch this video, not because this is one of his popular video. You should not watch only because this may be interesting. The video has only 75,000 views on YouTube, still it makes the top 5 list to watch. This is because, it is the first uploaded video on his YouTube channel where he has more than 800,000 subscribers at the moment.

The video was uploaded back in February, 2016 and is his first video on YouTube. He has learned many things in the process and been able to gather more views on his Channel.

In this video, he and his father go on for a Epic Car Show, as the title says.

4. I bought my dad His dream Car

The video has almost collected 3 Million videos and more than 71,000 likes on Facebook. The number of likes was almost similar to the number of views that his first video got. This was because the video emotionally touched the viewers. Lance gifted his father his dream car on his 50th birthday with a surprise.

However his first ever video on YouTube two years back. The video was Dying Grandmother’s hair prank. The video was on his other channel, itslance210. Actually itslance210 was his first channel which he started two years back, but his vlog channel has more subscribers and is more popular that his first channel.

He goes to the Car Shop with his mom in the video and choose a red Corvette Zo6. His father almost gets into tear when his son reveals the car.

5. I bought her a Lamborghini for her birthday

Probably a same concept where he gifted his father a car on his birthday. Lance Stewart gifts his girlfriend Lizzy a super car on her birthday. He is in a relationship with his girlfriend since three years, which he has revealed in other video, ‘I have a Girlfriend’. The other video has half a million views.

The video was uploaded on July 23, 2010 and has more than 1.2 Million views only in four days.

So which one of these videos from Lance is your favorite one ? Please comment below.

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