Anmol KC Date of Birth , Girlfriend , height

  1. Anmol KC even said that he would die if his father and mother separated from each other. Bhuwan KC recalled in an interview with that his son threatened to die, just to convince their parents to stay together. However, his parents exasperated and he went on to stay with his superstar dad.
  2. Anmol KC started his movies’ career with Nepal movie hostel back in 2013 at the age of 18. He had several offers earlier, however he claims that he did play in that movie because the script of the movie hostel somehow resembled his real life.
  3. According to his father, resemblance to his dad, Anmol always had better interest on sports and music rather than his studies.
  4. Bhuwan KC, Anmol’s dad once revealed in an interview that the father and son often shared their clothes. However, he also humorously claimed that they have never shared an underwear.
  5. Anmol KC has also been considered as the most paid actor in Nepal after he was offered 1M Nepalese rupees on the movie Gajalu. The amount is equivalent to $10,000 USD, and considering his stratum and fame, it his normal. However, at an average, other top actors in Nepal are paid half of what he was paid in the movie Gajalu which is based on the life of a Kuamri.
  6. Anmol KC has won three Best Debut Actor roles for his character in the movie Hostel. He was also nominated as popular actor of the year in 2015, however he could not win the title.
  7. Bhuwan KC is worried about his son’s smoking habit and he often complains Anmol being too lazy.

Anmol KC Net Worth

Anmol is the highest paid Nepalese actor in Nepal, alongside he is also a model and a producer. He often gets paid for endorsements, however his main source of income is his salary in the movie, which on average is half a million Nepalese rupees. However he was paid 1 Million Nepalese rupees for the movie Gajalu which was record breaking payment in Nepal. Besides the direct pay for his movies, he also owns certain royalties based on the box office collection of the movie.

Update : Anmol KC has broken his own record as highest paid Nepalese actor. Previously he had signed for 10 Million Nepalese rupees for movie Gajalu which was highest paid wage to a Nepalese actor, however he has agreed a deal with Kri movie for 2 Million Nepalese rupees.

Anmok KC has bought a new bike worth $22,000 , its a Dukati monster 796 which he bough recently after signing a $20,000 deal for another movie, breaking his own record as highest paid Nepalese actor.

Anmol KC bike

Anmol KC estimated Net Worth : 5 Million Nepalese rupees , $50,000

Anmol KC Height

Anmol KC is a lanky actor and has been praised for his height very often. His looks remains attractive with his medium sized hair that usually goes with the casual jeans and T-Shirt. His height is 6 Ft.

Anmol KC Bike

Anmol KC Girlfriend

Anna Anmol KC

Anmol KC with Anna Sharma, there are rumors around but Anmol has never spoken about his girlfriend.

Anmol KC was recently rumored to be with Anna Sharma, who was his co-actor in the super hit movie Jerry. But these are all rumors. Anmol has never spoken publicly about his girlfriend, at least never in front of any media.

His father Bhuwan KC, has openly spoken in the media about his marriage, as Bhuwan claims he is free to choose his wife for his life partner. Bhuwan also expressed that choosing Nepalese actress will be fine for him as there are many beautiful Nepalese actress of his age currently in the Nepalese movie industry.

Original Name Anmol KC
Net Worth $30,000
Anmol KC Height 6 ft
Anmol KC Girlfriend Anna (Rumors) , Not Known origianally
Anmol KC Date of Birth March 30, 1995
Anmol KC Income Around 7 Lakhs NPR every movie


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