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Anmol KC is popular and emerging actor and already has a huge fan base in Nepal. The truth behind his entry in the Nepali Film industry is, despite of his young age , Anmol KC has entered the Kollywood because of his father who has great personality and image in Nepali Film Industry. In this blog post, we will cover following things. You could navigate directly under any of the topics below.

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Anmol KC Age

Anmol KC was born in 30 March, 1995 which makes him 21 years old in the year 2016. He was born to Bhuwan KC and has been a successful actor since his super hit movie Hostel. He has a lots of crazy among Nepali film fans and people often watch him movies either in multiplex, singleplex or YouTube.

Anmol KC Wiki

Anmol KC was born in Kathmandu to Veteran actor of Nepal, Bhuwan KC and his mother Sushmita. His father and mother separated during his young age and he continued to stay with his father, however he has been able to maintain a pleasant relation with his mother as well. He is an actor, producer and a model who was reluctant to his studies and started to feature on movies through hostel which remained a super hit movie in Nepal. Anmol KC quote or a dialogue, ‘केटी भनेको स्विट हुनु पर्छ, हट त उसिनेको आलु पनि हुन्छ ‘ remained very popular from the movie hostel and it got good trend all over Nepal, probably through Men’s room, a popular social group on Facebook where mens from Nepal collaborate for fun and different social activities.

He is a popular actor with more than 65,000 followers in his FaceBook account.

Anmol studied at Malpi school, one of the prestigious school and Nepal, although his father Bhuwan KC has always admitted that his son always favored sports and music over his studies, and fortunately it paid off as he is now considered as one of the top actor in Nepal. He started his movie career through Hostel and given different hit movies like Jerry, Dreams and now Gajalu, that has been rocking multiplex in Nepal.

His movie Gajalu was subject to a piracy, which his father claimed that made them a loss over 1 Crore Nepalese rupees ($100,000 approx). Highlights Nepal, who were found guilty on the piracy case after their staffs were arrested agreed upon 2.5 Million Nepalese rupees compensation.

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Anmol KC Date of Birth and Birthday

Anmol KC was born to his father Bhuwan KC on March 30, 1995. This means his date of birth is March 30, 1995 and he celebrates his birthday on March 30, every year.

Anmol KC Facts

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