Tom Cruise Teeth – Smile Facts that Will shock you

Tom Cruise was born in 1962 in United States and his full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, however his professional name is Tom Cruise. He has been nominated for more than three Academy awards, also won three golden globe award. His career in film industry started back when he was 19 years old.

He has married three times on his life and divorced all three times. He has three children in total out of which two of them are adopted. His first marriage was back in 1987 when he married Mimi Rogers. The marriage did not last longer than three years. Later he married Nicole Kidman on the same year when he got divorced with his first wife. The marriage lasted for 11 years, however the couple separated in 2001. Five years after his separation with his second wife Nicole, he married Katie Holmes in 2006. Unfortunately his third marriage did not last longer than six years as he separated with Katie in 2012. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adapted two children, meanwhile his biological daughter Suri Cruise was born from Katie Holmes.

What’s Strange with Tom Cruise Teeth

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Tom Cruise smile which looks as dashing today was not always that perfect. Tom Cruise used to have chipped front tooth before he began his acting career. He also got braces in order to align his teeth. He knows exactly how smile is important for celebrities, so he has consulted with his dentist to get into smile which he has today.

Tom Cruise braces on teeth

As we could see in the image above, Tom Cruise smile is overshadowed by braces which has helped him to get the perfect smile that he has today. Tom Cruise’s dental flaws and imperfections were all corrected so that he could meet the celebrity smile standards.


The above image shows Tom Cruise teeth as a child. There is a chipped teeth on middle which was corrected with different dental technologies. According to assumption, a veneer might have been placed on his chipped tooth to fill the void created by imperfect tooth. A veneer is a ultra thin shell that resembles the natural look of human tooth. Later he might have used braces to straighten the teeth.

He then surprised his fans when he revealed braces at the age of 40. During the premier show of minority report back in 2002, while Cruise was 40 years old. The 40 years old superstar then smiled to display the tooth colored braces on his teeth. The image of similar incident is shown up in this article. He might have used six months smile therapy to straighten his teeth.

Post Cure Tom Cruise Smile

Now that you know much about Tom Cruise teeth and you are pretty much aware about his past. His delightful smile did not come as a child, he had to use dental technologies. But we could not deny the beauty of his smile. However many fans do not notice the science behind his smile.

Tom Cruise teeth

Many fans might not have noticed even now when they have watched the image above where Tom Cruise smiles with his alluring teeth.

Now, watch this image below to notice what exactly we want to say

mono-tooth or unitooth.As you could see in the image above, Tom Cruise has his one front teeth aligned right in the middle of his face. Thats all because of different cosmetic dental the superstar had on his teeth. His front tooth appears to be aligned right in the middle of his face. If you think this smile is the result of Photoshop, you might want to check all other pics where he smiles and judge yourself.

Some people love to call this thing mono-tooth or uni tooth.

Tom Cruise has used dental surgeries to whiten and strengthen his teeth. This is what most people in film industry do to get a teeth they deserve for being stars.

Some Facts about Tom Cruise

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Now that you know a major Tom Cruise fact as how he got his teeth from what he used to have back on his early days. We would like to share some more facts about the super star Hollywood actor, some of which you might not know already. Some of these are too surprising, while some are funny.

His father is an electrical engineer and his mother was a special education teacher.

He changed 15 schools in 12 years because he was bullied.

He loves motorcycle and bought his first at the age of 12 with his savings.

He was brought up in a catholic household and initially wanted to become a priest. He even joined Franciscan seminary in scholarship at the age of 14, however later turned out to be an actor.

He was a wrestler during his early hood in high school years.

Tom Cruise has described his father as an abusive. His father left his mother while he was young, so he used to work to help his mother pay the bills.

He missed his high school graduation ceremony because he was working on acting for one of his performance.

His co-star from one of his movie has said that Tom Cruise was so much insecure about his teeth that he avoided photo shoots. This was why he decided to go on through different dental surgeries, including using braces on his teeth to achieve what he has today. The man who was insecure about his tooth, smiles a lot during photo shoots.

The hero from the big screen appeared to become one in real life back in 1998 when he helped a woman who was being mugged in London. He chased down the attackers away with the help of his bodyguards. In a different incident in 1996, after witnessing a woman hit by a car, he rushed her to hospital. Once he learned that the woman did not have insurance, he paid her hospital emergency bill which was equivalent to $7000.

He has married three times and separated will all his three wives. He did not have child with his first two child, while he adopted two children with his second wife. Meanwhile his first biological child came on as a daughter named Suri Cruise whom he had with his third wife.


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