Sylvester Stallone net worth and earnings

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer popularly known as Rambo from the Rambo series in four episodes from 1982 to 2008.

He was regarded as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood as he has played in all varieties of roles from drama to fantasy and as a soldier and even tried himself as a comedian actor. The New York City born actor is mostly known for physically demanding roles and action play and was injured several times during his tenure as an actor.

Sylvester Stallone who featured in the Expendables series also revealed that Bruce Willis was not included in the movie over monetary deals. It was revealed that the movie production offered Willis $3 million for four days while the Die Hard actor asked $1 Million every day demanding $4 Million worth money for four days of shooting. Although Stallone said that there were reasons other than money for Bruce Willis not to feature in the movie, but sources close to the movie insisted that the deal failed because of money. Had Bruce signed up for the four days shooting, we would have seen him on ‘Expandable 4’.

Sylvester Stallone net worth

Syl Stallone could be one of the major paid actor in present in the Hollywood but it was time when the actor’s income was only paid $200 for two days work in the movie The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. There were time when he struggled before the movie Rocky. There are rumors that states that Stallone sold his dog for $50. The rumor started with an story that states that the American born actor sold his dog for $50 outside the liquor store as he was homeless and broke. Later it is believed that when the actor wrote and sold the script for ‘Rocky’, he bought the dog back for $15,000.

Later Sylvester Stallone admitted the story on his interview where he explained that the dog was with other family for six months. Later the actor requested the family to give back the dog as he said that his pet struggled with him and had every right to work with him in the Hollywood.

So it was true that Stallone sold the dog, but it was not as exactly as the rumor went which said that the actor sold the dog to an unknown family outside the liquor store.

Sylvester Stallone vale

Sylvester Stallone, 1987.

His success started with Rocky as it is believed that he was inspired by the Muhammad Ali–Chuck Wepner fight and wrote the script for his movie Rocky in 3 days, writing for 20 hours. He demanded to sell the script and asked for the starring role on his own script. It is believed that he was offered US$350,000 for the script but the buying party asked to start their own cast, however Stallone refused. After settlement and agreement, and reducing the payment for the script, he sold the script with the clause of starring on his own.

Wepner later claimed that Rocky was inspired by his fight and asked for compensation, however Sylvester Stallone refused the claim, but later went onto settlement with Chuck Wepner over an undisclosed fee.

This started the successful journey for the New York Born actor and his estimated net worth is just under half a Billion, estimated to be around $450 Million.

Original Name Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
Net Worth $450 Million
Income Source Films, Actor, Script Writer, Producer
Annual Income Depends on movie

His estimated earning in the movies Expendables 3 was around $15 Million as he was paid $15,000,000 for the movie back in 2014. This was $3 Million increase from the second series of Expendables where he was paid $12 Million back in 2012.

Some Facts about Sylvester Stallone

Back in 1997, he was nominated for two Academy awards for his movie Rocky. It was for the best actor and the best original screenplay. The movie was only third to be nominated in two different categories in the Academy awards.

Despite giving some hits and different movies that lasted forever. Some notable movies like Rocky and Rambo did not produce him any award. He was nominated for Golden Globe award in 2015 for his role in Creed.

Since he has physical demanding roles in the movies, he has been injured several times during film shootings. It is believed that for the movie Rocky IV , he asked his co-actor to punch him on his chest as hard as he could and he was later hospitalized for that.


Slyvester Stallone now

He was born to a strict Catholic family, but later after his career progressed, he stopped going to the church. Later his faith on the God restored when his daughter got ill and he became an active Catholic again. Although he considers himself as an spiritual man, he is not actively involved in any religious activities.

He is an active supporter of the Republican party when it comes about politics. He has also donated funds during different political campaigns.

He had married three times, first of his wife was Sasha Czack whom he married in 1974. They had two sons, one of which had already died while other was diagnosed with autism during his early ages. Later the couple went on for a divorce in 1985. Later in 1985, he married model and actor Brigitte Nielsen, while his second marriage not lasted longer than two years. Currently he is married to Jennifer Flavin with whom he has three daughters. He had married to Flavin in 1997, 10 years after parting away with his second wife and the relationship still exists.

He is a boxing promoter, which seems lethal after his rise on Rocky which was believed to be inspired by a boxing match. He has also signed couple of world class boxers for his boxing promotional campaigns.

His movie Paradise Ally was his first movie as a director where he wrote the script by himself, directed the movie on his own and starred as an actor in the movie in the same time.

His father was a hair dresser and a beautician, while his mother was an astrologer. His mother is half French and half Jewish Ukrainian. His father was born in Italy and migrated to the United States in 1930s. His younger brother is also an actor and a musician. His parents divorced when Stallone was nine and he lived with his mother.

The Rocky Franchise includes six movies and it has bagged more than $1 Billion since it was first released in 1974. This has added a great value to the actor’s wealth and net worth which is estimated to be around $450 Million. The first release of the Rocky series had a slim budget of just over a million dollars and it eventually went on to make more than $117 Million alone in the United States.

The actor when he only had $106 on his bank account rejected the offer of over $300,000 to sell his script for Rocky. This amount valued more than a Million rupees at this time. He wanted himself to star as an actor on his movie, but the producers and the directors wanted stars and established faces to secure their investment. However, he had courage to reject such a huge offer despite of his struggling time when he sold his dog for some funds. Later his decision to remain still on his terms proved worth as Rocky Franchise has made more than a billion dollar from six sequels.

Many may not know, but the star actor started his acting career in a role on a soft core pornography where he was paid $200 for two days.

Stallone is believed to loose body fat by 2.5% for his movie Rocky III where he had to work on the gym for six days in a week. He also took help from Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu to develop and improve his physique for his movie Rocky IV. This included similar preparation as a contestant would prepare for Mr Olympia competition, which means he worked out in the gym for six days a week, twice a day.

The actor had worse time as he spent most of the time for his first 5 years after birth in a foster home as his parents were in a war, eventually his parents separated later. His parents separated while he was nine and he had even worse childhood as he was expelled from more than 14 schools.  He first stayed with his father and later on he started to live with his mother.

He started to live with his mother when he was 15, and then he started practicing football and weight lifting. He also worked as a girl’s athletic coach while he was studying in an scholarship as an athlete.

It was evident that the budget of his movie Rocky was as low as $1 million, eventually members from his family, including his father appeared on the film for some small roles.

Sly has got many injuries during the filming process, notably one in the shooting of ‘The Expendables’ got his neck broken which required metal insertion in order to fix it.

Sylvester Stallone Car

It is believed that the Ranbo and the Rocky is very fond of cars, not only in the movies , but also on his real life. The american born actor had a luxurious dream from his childhood which he completed with his hard work and dedication.

jade green car

Sly Stallone on his jade green car

He bought himself a treat as a car after he won best supporting actor by the Critic’s choice for his movie creed. He bought a Mercedes Benz for a whooping $161,000. He bough the car in Beverly Hills and the car was jade green 2016 Mercedes-Benz G550. The car was only bought few weeks after the actor won the award, so it was considered as a treat for himself.

Conclusion – Things to take from his life

Undoubtedly Sly has struggled a lot on his past and he could be an inspiration to everyone. Some may call him stubborn to reject the $300,000 deal while he was almost broke. It was the end or the last chance for Stallone when he had written Rocky. If the script of the movie had not been sold, the story and the net worth value of the actor would have changed drastically. He would not have been the man he is now, he would not have earned the name he has now, neither he would have made any of the money or lived the life he has been living now.

There are many things that could be taken positively from Sly Stallone. His hard work, determination and his ability to stay at his decisions during bad times is one of the strong reason that has paid off well for the actor. Most of us may not be able to stand at our decision when times are worst or when we get offer. His decision to stay with his call and only star himself on his movie has paid very well for the actor. It teaches us to stay with our decision no matter how hard the situation is.

Additionally the fact that the actor has been injured many times during the film shooing shows his dedication towards his career. If it was not about the dedication, he would not have been at this place. Although his hard work and dedication has got him some injuries, like the one when he had to place a metal support on his neck, but his dedication has helped him become one of the most expensive actors in the Hollywood. Sly has made a total of around $450 million worth value. His Rocky series that has seven movies has alone made more than 1 billion gross revenues which proves how dedication and hard work could help people get what they have.

Sylvester always had a dream to become a hero at hi childhood. What could be the better achievement than this ? Which kid could have imagined the life Stallone lives now when some one was going through such a hard time.

As people say that there is always a happy ending, Sly had much worse time during his Childhood. He had to suffer separations of his parents, he had to suffer of not having money, but he has overcome all the obstacles to achieve what he has now.

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