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‘ Nothing is Perfect, Perfection does not exist ‘ , these are the words from Stephen Hawking who is considered to be a perfect scientists himself. People often may believe the legacy of the gifted scientists would carry down over the hierarchy. Stephen Hawking have three children, Robert Hawking, Timothy Hawking and Lucy Hawking.

Stephen Hawking Children

Robert Hawking

Timothy Hawking

Lucy Hawking

Born on 8 January, 1942, Stephen Hawking is considered to be one of the greatest scientist our generation has ever seen. He is an English theoretical Physicists, cosmologist and author who married Jane Hawking, who is first of his two spouses. All his three Childrens Robert Hawking, Lucy Hawking and Timothy Hawking were from his first wife Jane.

Robert Hawking

The eldest Stephen Hawking Child, Robert Hawking was born in May 1967, which was two years after his parent’s marriage. He works for Microsoft and is married who has a son and a daughter together with his wife.

Siblings: Lucy Hawking, Timothy Hawking

Grandparents: Frank Hawking, Isobel Hawking, Beryl Wilde, George Wilde

Lucy Hawking

Lucy is the second children and the only daughter from Stephen and Jane. She was born on November 2, 1970 in England. She married Alex Mackenzie Smith in 1998, however the relationship did not last longer than six years as they divorced in 2004. She had a children with Alex whose name is William Smith. Lucy is mother of autistic son. Autism is a mental condition which starts from childhood in which the sufferer feels difficulty to communicate using language.

She is also an author who has co-written five famous children books with her father Stephen Hawking.

Born: November 2, 1970

Spouse: Alex Mackenzie Smith (m. 1998–2004)

Children: William Smith (Suffers with Autism)

Timothy Hawking

Timothy is the youngest children in the family who was born on April 15, 1979. He is a languages graduate from Exeter University and now works in the marketing department of famous toy firm Lego.

He was born 15 years before his parents divorced and started to live separately. There are controversies and people believe that Timothy Hawking may not be Stephen Hawking’s biological son. Tim has admitted that his father could not talk while he was five years old.

After separating from Stephen Hawking, his mother married Jonathan Hellyer Jonesin 1996. Due to Stephen Hawking’s disability, which gradually paralyzed him, Jane could have been in a relation with Jonathan earlier than she got divorced with Stephen. There are controversies that Timothy could be Jonathan’s biological children but Stephen Hawking has given his name to Timothy and deserves legal custody of him who is his third and youngest children.

Tim had a passion which he shared with his father and they used to watch motor racing F1 races together.

Born: April 15, 1979 (age 37)

Grandparents: Frank Hawking, Isobel Hawking, George Wilde, Beryl Wilde

Stephen Hawking Facts

The famous scientist has some facts, some may be common, but some may not be common. Here are some of the facts about Stephen Hawking which you might want to know.

The average Student

The popular scientist Stephen Hawking was not a bright student, but was a mediocre one. He did not learn to read properly until he was eight years old. His grades were never above average at St. Albans School where he studied on his early childhood. However later at his youth, he was able to invent a computer to calculate about space. His capabilities allowed him to earn an scholarship and study physics at the age of 17.


He was diagnosed with degenerative motor neuron disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) when he fell from ice skating during his first year while graduating from the Cambridge University. The doctors said that he only had 2 or three years to live. Most of the ALS people are diagnosed with the disease during their mid 50s and the history of the case shows that they do not live more than 5 years later. However some, who were diagnosed early have slow progressing form of the disease which is the case with Stephen. The disease which was first diagnosed and progressed at early stage after his marriage later paralyzed him. Hawking has admitted that the positive part of the disease was his body including his hands could not move which was the main reason why he had to just concentrate on his mind, that was the reason for most of his discoveries.


He is also an author and has written many books including some for kids with his daughter Lucy Hawking.


Hawking was married twice on his life. The first marriage with Jane gave him three children including Robert, Lucy and Timothy. While his second marriage was with his nurse after his disability. He is divorced with both his wives.

The Father Mother Relationship

Stephen Hawking was married to Jane who was a friend of his sister. The couple were engaged in October 1964 and then finally married on 14 July 1965, just nine months after being engaged. During their early time of marriage, Jane lived in London but often traveled to the United States for conferences.

Stephen Hawking’s motor neuron disease was diagnosed shortly after their marriage which was the reason why Jane suffered depression because of her husband’s condition which gradually turned out to be even worse. The couple had three children together, Robert Hawking, Jane Hawking and Timothy Hawking. The fact that Stephen was already diagnosed with disease and could have been inactive on his sex life, it is believed that Timothy’s biological father could not be Stephen.

Later 15 years after the birth of their younger son Timothy, the couple divorced in 1995. Stephen Hawking married his nurse in the same year while Jane married Jonathan in 1996. It was believed that Stephen Hawking was a flirty person and he has admitted that he was very much impressed by women’s nature which was a mystery and difficult to understand.



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