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Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer and songwriter whose full name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes. He began to attract followers after he started to post cover videos on video sharing website. That got him into an recognizable attraction which got him a deal with record labels. The fame got intensity and people started to search more of his personal information like Shawn Mendes height, Shawn Mendes girlfriend, his sister, estimated income, net worth value and much more about him.

Shawn Mendes height : 6’1”

He was born in Toronto, Ontario to a mother whose name was Karen. His mother was a real estate agent and his father was a businessman who sold bar and restaurant supplies in Toronto. His father’s name is Manuel Mendes, who is Portuguese, while his mother is English. He was born in 8th of August in 1998.

Shawn Mendes Height

Shawn Mendes Height

The 18 years old celebrity pop star is a lanky man with a height of 6ft and 1 inches. He has more age to grow, so it is uncertain if he grown even more.

Shawn got his height from his father who has similar height. Beside height, he also got his second name from his Portuguese father.

Shawn Mendes Height is really a concern for his fans because people are very much interested to know about their star’s physical appearance. As they could not exactly know the figures as they see in the internet or at the televisions, people often look for the information about Shawn Mendes height.

Shawn Mendes Girlfriend

There are many fans who would like to know more about their idol. People often want to know about Shawn Mendes girlfriend, however recently in an interview, he has said that he does not have any girlfriend. Beside not having girlfriend, he has also said that he has never had sex as he lashes out about his sex life.

He says that he will make a girlfriend when he will feel about her. He needs to fee the same with the girl as he feels with music in order to stay in a relationship with any girl. Although there are many rumors out there on the internet, some even saying that he was in relationship with a boy, but those are all fake.

shawn mendes

Beside, he was also linked with Lauren Giraldo, another vine celebrity that people would love to see him together with.  Bethany Mota was another celebrity that could be Shawn Mendes girlfriend, although this is yet another rumor and does not mean certain. Shawn has himself said that he does not have girlfriend which could be analyzed in two ways. One way could be that either he does not have girlfriend at all and he is speaking the truth. While other way, it could be because he might not want to disclose about his relationship as he might be concerned about security of his girlfriend.

Either be the choice, but people would not stop comparing him and assuming his relationship. Another link with Shawn is a huge one as people have linked him with Taylor Swift. As he was one of the closest few in Taylor Swift’s birthday, people have already assumed that their bond could be somewhere above friendship. However this could barely be true, because there is huge, not forget to mention, an illegal age gap of two years between these pair which could support that they have nothing suspicious.

Camila Cabello could be another link in Shawn’s life. She joined Shawn in summer tour in 2014 which has made people think about these two. However he was just 16 years old when they two went on in a similar summer tour. This could have increased bond between these two, but it is far from beyond that these two could be in relationship. Additionally these two could not be good couples in terms of height as Shawn Mendes height is more than 6 feet while Camila is no more than 5 feet and 2 inches.

Shawn Mendes Net Worth

Shawn Mendes’s career started to florish when he caught attention of artist manager Andrew Gertler and Island Records A&R Ziggy Chareton back in 2014 which led into a record signing. This was certainly a boost in his career and increase or lets say a pick up on his income and net worth.

Additionally, he is a vine celebrity and continue to earn with his YouTube and other video sharing websites. His official YouTube account has more than 1.6 million followers and his channel has a total video views of more than 60 million views in total. His most viewed video alone has more than 8.5 million views which is a ‘drag me down’ cover by one direction.

Additionally, he is a popular figure in social media with lots of loyal fan following. He has more than 7.7 million followers in Twitter, 14.7 million followers in Instagram and more than 5 million followers on his official Facebook account which makes the investors an easy decision to thrown up endorsements deal on the young celebrity.

Shawn Mendes Net Worth : $3 Million

The youngster said that he wanted to become an actor before he was a singer. He released his debut EP as Shawn Mendes EP in 2014 which went on to become number 1 in iTunes in just 37 minutes. He learned to play guitar on his own while he was 13 years old. He used YouTube tutorials to learn how to play guitar. The fame started as the young artist started to grow and he gave his first concert in December, 2013.

He made into the list of Forbes under 30 music just at the age of 17. The musical sensational youngster went on to become viral and mega-star Ed Sheeran flew him to LA after he saw some of his videos just to have dinner with him.

He loves green color, hates ladybugs, loves to work out, like swimming but he hates deep water. He secretly admitted that he loved cooking and his favorite foods are omelets, chocolate-chips but he does not like tomatoes. He is allergic to mosquitoes.

He has a strange character as he says that he sleeps well in the tour bus than in hotels. He also has his own extra pair of shoes just for the tour bus. The Canadian singer is addicted to the supercell game Boom beach and plays it every night before going to sleep.

Shawn is a perfect example of why people should always follow their heart and why they should go with passion which gives them fun. He has admitted that he never posted vine videos to be famous. He did it for fun which later proved out to be the turning point on his life. It is a perfect example on why people should go on with something they enjoy rather than forced jobs and tasks.

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