Top 10 scariest places on Earth

You might think that the Earth is a pretty, beautiful place and you could have even made a lot of travel plans. But, do you know that there are places that are so scary that they have been abandoned? Make sure to exclude these places because they are just too scary. Here is our list of top 10 scariest places on Earth:

The abandoned coal-washing plant

scariest places

The abandoned coal-washing plant in France is a place which seems out of this world. This plant was used for processing and washing coals; the mines of the nearby area were washed there. But, due to a fire several years ago, only the metallic skeletal structure remains now. The place is incredibly dirty. If you enter the place, you will have to remove your clothes immediately after you come out due to the smell. So, the place is like a death trap where you wouldn’t want to ever get lost.



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