Roman Abramovich Net Worth – Chelsea FC Owner Property and Income

Chelsea FC is one of the richest clubs in the world football currently emerging to get in the ranks of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Manchester United.

In the valuation of the clubs Chelsea lies in the 7th position after those mentioned clubs along with Arsenal and Manchester City. The total net worth of the club is $1.661 Billion according to Forbes.

The recent emerge of the club and rise in the value of the club can be credited to Roman Abramovich who is a passionate football lover who is seen very much in the stand during the matches of the blues.

Roman Abramovich- the Chelsea Football Club owner

Born in 24 October 1966, 49 years old Russian is a business man and powerful politician in Russia. Roman was born in normal family who started as a mechanic in a local factory now owning a various multi-million companies which ranks him among the billionaires.

According to the stat of 2015 Roman is ranked 12th among the richest persons in Russia and 137th in Forbes global richest ranking. His full property valuation is just under $8 Billion. Roman was also the governor of Russian state Chukotka till 2008 completing his tenure of 8 years.

It is believed he donated $1 Billion during his resign for the development of the state. Roman is among the top donation givers in the world.

Roman is not a controversies free person, he was brought in the light due to various cases. In 2008 Roman accepted he spent more than $1 Billion in bribery to obtain a various business rights. He was arrested in 1992 for a theft case. It is also huge conspiracy how Roman has been protected by Russian government after all his background in different illegal activities.

Roman’s who was from Jewish family was originally from Lithuania, Married three times Roman is also president of Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. Roman donation since 1999 has crossed more than $3 Billion in the hope of making society better.

Roman is one of the most luxuries Billionaires as he owns best private estates around the globe and the biggest private yachts. He is also great lover of art as he have been purchasing the paintings for the big million sums, he solely purchased two popular painting for more than $100 million in a single day.

Roman Abramovich Income and net worth

Roman Abramovich is known throughout the world as a owner of Chelsea Football Club making mediocre Chelsea team to the world beater in a decade spending the huge sum of cash making the big deals in most of the transfer windows. Roman Abramovich, Orphan and a college dropout started a business of importing plastic dulls in the help of his first wife Olga from his house. Now Roman invests in business through his private firm named as Millhouse LLC, Roman’s hold 100% stake over the Millhouse. Roman currently lives in his famous house in London’s royal street; his house is valued around $100 million currently. Roman’s famous properties include the awesome estates in Russia, France, England and USA. It is believed he has spent more than is those estates than investment in Chelsea Football Club.

Original Name Roman Abramovich
Net Worth $8.1 Billion
Income Source Chelsea Football Club, Oil Business, Real State Business
Annual Income

In 1988 Roman privatize his doll selling business and started his own company in the help of his first wife. After success from the first business Roman invested in pig farms and oil companies. In three years after 1992 Roman setup five different companies investing a big sum in trading of oil and oil products. In 1995 Roman and his partner Boris (associate of president of Boris Yeltsin) took control over big oil company Sibnet. He initially invested $100 million with a share-loan deal. The value of the company quickly crossed over the billions making him one of the richest in Russia via same company. Later Roman admitted he bribed more than billions to government high command officers to protect the company from gang stars during the aluminum war. During 1995 and 1996 he established around 10 joint stock companies. He had such a powerful relation with the high level politicians as no other in Russia could easily point to Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abrahimovic Net Worth

During 1999 after listing himself as a tycoon he was elected as a owner of Russia’s remote state Chukotka where he donated more than a billion for the well of the state. During early 2000s Sibnet(his oil venture) was producing oil worth $3 billions yearly. During that time Company’s valuation was increased seventy time times than the time Roman and his partner took over the company. In 2015 Roman also invested $15 million in the Music messenger partnering with the likes of David Guetta and Nikki Minaj. In 2003 he purchased popular football club Chelsea FC In $300 million which is currently valued just under $2 billion.

Roman’s lifestyle

Roman loves his lifestyle a lot and much more than any other billionaires. He obtains very expensive collections from Yachts to fine arts. He was a student of art in early stage of his life. Roman owns private jets, island. It is known that Roman invites his friend’s families to the grand parties in his Yachts and ask them not to carry anything as his yachts includes suits with every needs the family require. He travels in bomb proof cars and a missile proof yacht. His eclipse yacht is the longest yacht. He owns three among the five biggest yachts in the world.

Roman’s popular estates

Gouvernuer Bay Estate: Based in French West Indies it has area of 70 acres. The great thing about this bay is it contains under water music system. It is located by the side of an ocean.

Lowndes square mansion: Based in Knightsbridge, London (Known as a royal area and most expensive place in London) it has a huge area of 30,000sq feet. The greatness of this mansion is the interior looks. It also includes cinema hall.

Other popular estates of Roman includes Chateau La Croe( In france), Kensington palace garden(west London), Fyning Hill estate(Sussex, England) and Wildcat ridge home(Colorado).

Roman Abramovich owns five big yachts among them three is listed in the top five yachts globally. Roman’s biggest and most beautiful yacht is name Eclipse which Roman bought for $800 millions.

It is very much secured with the missile proof system integrated. Roman’s other yacht are Ecstasea yacht, Luna yacht, and Sussurro yacht.

Roman also owns the historic place in Russia, named as A NEW Holland, It is a island and it is also listed in world heritage site. New Hollad Island is triangular artificial island in Petersburg, Russia. Roman took control of this Island from 2010.

In one party Roman spent around $10 million inviting VIP guests and the performers like Red Hot Chili Pipers.
Lowndes square mansion is combined of nine different apartments making the size 30,000sq ft. It is most expensive residential house in the country.

Roman’s personal security team is sized of 40 peoples in which he spends $2 million per year.

In 2008 Roman spent $120 million for buying a painting in a single day. He purchased Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Roman also has a huge collection of painting by the popular artist, including likes for Picaso.

Roman paid $300 million for a divorce settlement with his previous wife Irina.

Few interesting rumor about Roman Abramovich

It was said previously that he started his black business with the amount he received from his first wife’s family. He and Olga started business of plastic doll from his apartment is illegal way which was legalized later only on 1988 when USSR government improved policy to make business seen.

Roman was the main person to end aluminum war, he continuously flew for more than 12 hours around London to stop the war.

It’s said that in 1995 Roman stepped for first time in oil business but when he was in army services for two years he used to sell to high profiled officers to make a relation better.


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