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Rich Dollaz has been all over the news and people may be wondering who Rich Dollaz is. The incident that got him arrested in an interview has gone so wild that people are badly searching for Rich Dollaz Wiki. Not only that, the celebrity has gotten into fame so that people have also started to search Rich Dollaz Kids, and many things about the celebrity.

Rich Dollaz Wiki

Rich Dollaz Net Worth

Rich Dollaz Kids

Rich Dollaz is “Love & Hip-Hop” star, an actor from United States who lives in New York. He was born in August 4, 1971 in Waterbury in the United States.

Rich Dollaz Wiki

Rich Dollaz Wiki

He was born in Waterbury in the United States, while he resides in the New York where he has settled up his career as an actor. He was born back in August 4, 1971.

He attended the college in Nashville, Tennessee. His career began when he worked as an intern in 2002 in Bad boy. That was certainly turning point or could have linked in a precious way for his career. After Nashville, where he attended school, he went to Atlanta where he worked in a hotel for a year. Later, he was recalled in the New York by a frat brother for help. As he entered New York, he searched for opportunities, getting to work at the promo and marketing department at the Bad boy.

Dollaz then made himself string in the music industry with evolution of time and a long journey to follow which made him ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star.

Dollaz is more of a manager, and he says there are two types of managers he knows about. One manager answers the phone ring, while the other makes the phone ring and he has said that he is the type of manager who makes the phone ring. Dollaz has been part of success for different clients, one of which includes Gorilla Zoe. The Atlanta born hip hop artist Alonzo Mathis is better know with his stage name Gorilla Zoe. People often say that he has played a vital role on Gorilla Zoe’s success.

There was an incident with Rich where he got arrested while an interview. The police interrupted the interview while Dollaz cooperated and went on with the police without making any mess. However he politely asked what he have done in order to trigger an arrest warren. A girl named Chaundrea Nicolle began screaming against Dollaz while he was getting out with the police. She cried about Rich Dollaz not accepting the claim that he was the father of her daughter.

Erica Mena was believed to be Rich’s fiance, however he himself said that the couple never got engaged. Instead he claimed that they were never in a serious relationship in their life, while they were only messing around.

He was even arrested for failing to pay for child support amount, for his two child, with his two previous relationships. He was arrested because he owed around $200 thousand which he did not payed to support the child.

Social Media Pick Up

He has a good number of social media followers that includes over 340 thousand followers in Twitter, which is his official verified Twitter account. He has more than 29 thousand tweets on his account which he joined back in November 2008. Meanwhile he only follows just over 500 people with his official twitter account.

Beside Twitter, he also has an official Instagram account where he has more than 800 thousand followers. He has just over 1900 posts in Instagram and he follows back only 90 people in the popular media sharing website.

Rich Dollaz Net Worth

He is popularly known for his role in ‘Love and Hip Hop’ which makes him stable income. Besides, he also manages different celebrities and he has himself revealed that he takes off 20% of any deals he makes on behalf of those. He is very much popularly renowned for lifting many people’s career. He is very much best at what he does.

Rich Dollaz Net Worth : $2.5 Million

Rich Dollaz Kids

While Rich Dollaz is more of a controversial man, there was a claim when he was even arrested from an interview. A girl claimed that he was not accepting the claim that he was the father of his daughter. He was able to get way with the case which legally proved that he was not father of that kid.

Ashley : Ashley is his daughter and she is grown up enough as Rich started her career by making her a way in Love and Hip Hop.

Although there is definite information about Ashley,  Dollaz’s daughter, there is not a certain information about how many kids he has. He has a grown up son who looks like him, although his personal details are not revealed much.

Rich Dollaz Clients

Rich Dollaz has maintained his credibility to improve his biography and maintain his wiki. He has different famous clients, some of which includes.

Cassie : The United States born singer, danger, model and actress was also managed by Rich and people believe that he has a good role on her career. She was born in 1986 and her musical career started in 2005. He has helped Cassie to debut in ‘Me & U’.

Yung Joc : The United States hip hop rapper Jasiel Amon Robinson is better known with his stage name Yung Joc. He has been helped by Rich Dollaz to build his career.

Gorilla Zoe : Gorilla Zoe is another rapper who Rich has helped. The thing Yung and Gorilla have in common is that they both originated from Atlanta.

Danity Kane: Danity Kane is an American Girl group which is famous for their R&B, hip hop and pop. He has helped to stuck in a deal for the group.

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