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Neymar is a very high profile signing for Barcelona and he has been a great assets for Football Club Barcelona after he joined from Santos for reported £49 Million pound, an amount expected to be too low for a player of his career. There are many controversies that surrounds Neymar, his family and Barcelona about the signing as people believe that there have been some conspiracies behind his signing. We will discuss Neymar Net worth and Neymar’s baby mother in the blog post.

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Neymar Jr Wiki

Neymar Net Worth

Facts about Neymar

Neymar son and Neymar Baby Mother

Neymar Girlfriend

Neymar JR Wiki

Neymar is a popular Brazilian Footballer who celebrates his birthday on 5 February as he was born on 1992, 5 February in Brazil. He started his footballing career with Portuguesa Santista as a youth at the age of 7 and nurtured his talent for four years before he moved to Santos on 2003. There he continued his youth career for six years before he got his first ever senior appearance at the age of 17 at Santos where he played for four more years before making a movie to Football club Barcelona.

Neymar was born in Mogi Das Cruzes in Brazil to Neymar Santos SR and Nadine de Silva. He has always loved futsal back then in brazil before he become a professional Footballer.

Neymar Net Worth

He made is first appeareance for Brazil national team at the age of 18 he made his debut against United States of America. He scored on his first game for Brazil in a 2-0 victory for his team which silenced all his critics.

Neymar Net Worth

Neymar’s income comes from his salary at Football Club Barcelona and from his endorsements deal with Nike and other gears company. He earns around $12 Million every year from the club and additional incomes from sponsorship deals.

He has earned more than $74 Million as salary over five years and almost an estimated $13 Million as a sign in bonus with FC Barcelona.

Neymar Net Worth : $110 Million

Neymar’s family moved on to Santos where he played for the club and with his early salary, their family added a property while he was playing for the Youth team in Santos. Later he was promoted to the senior team and his earnings and salaries have been increasing so far.

With Barcelona, Neymar is among one of the highest paid Footballers in the world and his salary is eventually expected to increase with PSG expected to cash him for him to make him world record signing could add more income to his name. Despite he stays or leaves Barcelona, his salary will increase for sure with PSG showing interested on the 24 years old winger.

Neymar Son and Neymar Baby mother

There are many people who are amazed by the fact that Neymar is father to a son . He became father at the age of 19, however he is currently not in a relationship with his Child’s mother.

His son’s name is David Lucca and he was born in Sao Paulo. His baby’s name is Carolina Dantas. Neymar himself admitted that he cried out of fear that he would become a father to a son, later on the fear turned into joy.

Neymar and his son

Neymar accidentally impregnated his girlfriend then, however being a catholic, the couples decided to keep the baby who was bron 2.8 Kilograms back in August 2011. His son David is one of the most popular figure on Neymar’s instagram and keeping the blonde haired son was one of the best decision on his life, Neymar admits.

While there have been news that Neymar has been turning away from his duty as father, however his words and pictures on the social media shows otherwise.

Some Facts about Neymar

Neymar who inherited his name from his father , was also a football player and now adviser to his son.

He played Futsal and street games before he joined for Santos youth team at the age of 11.

Barcelona rivals Real Madrid missed out on signing Neymar back when was 14. Neymar passed out all the tests at Madrid, however Santos paid hefty fees to Neymar and compelled him to stay at his home side team. The decision paid out after he was sold to Barcelona for reported 49 Million pound sterling which could be even more unreported.

At the age of 18, back in 2010, Neymar caught an attention to an English club. The club was none other than West Ham who made a bid of £12 which Santos turned down quickly. Later on this interest from West Ham caught attention from series of English clubs including Chelsea, but all failed to land the 18 years old sensation.

Neymar is the only Brazilian Footballer (even a player) to get his picture in the Covers of Times magazine. Only Brazilian politicians were able to get into the cover of Times.

Neymar accidentally became a father to a son at the age of 19. Unfortunately he is no longer in relationship with his girlfriend then who gave birth to his son David Lucca.

Neymar’s salary is around $74 Million USD every year, and he gets endorsements and sponsorship deals which adds up to his income. His father is his financial and legal adviser and eventually his net worth value is just above $100 M dollars.

Neymar coincidentally scored his 100th career goal on his 20th birthday and eventually finished on his career best scoring 43 goals in a season that year.

Neymar was out-looked by Brazilian coach Dunga in 2012 world cup despite he made great terms with his club. He was even recommended by Brazilian legend Pele, however Neymar was not included even in the 23 men squad for the 2010 world cup as Dunga claimed that he had lesser experience with the international team.

In 2012, he scored a hat trick for his nation for the first time in a friendly match against China. In the same year, he was featured in the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer along with Cristiano Ronaldo.

His footballing idols are Crtistiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, Wayne Rooney and Xavi which he admits publicly.

Neymar Girlfriends

Neymar had dated quite a few girls including Caroline Dantas whom he had a son David with. Besides there were different rumors about his relationships with the likes of Nichole Bahls, Daniela Carvahalo who herself refused the claims.

Later Neymar had a relationship with Bruna Marquezine which he admitted himself. Marquezine is a Brazilian actress, but later he broke up with her in 2014. The relationship with Neymar’s Girlfriend Bruna Marquezine lasted for no more than two years.

Original Name Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior
Net Worth $110 Million
Income Source Endorsement, Football Player
Neymar Jr Girlfriends Caroline Dantas (had a baby with) , Bruna Marquezine (2012-2014)
Neymar Jr Birthday 5 Feburary, 1992
Neymar Jr Son David lucca da silva



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