Natalie Michelle Cummings – A detailed Report

Born from Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings, Natalie Cummings is the only children of the couple. She was born on May 19, 1989 and is famously know for being the daughter of Maureen McCormick. McCormick is an American actress and a recording artist.

Natalie Michelle Cummings

Natalie Michelle Cummings was born four years later after Maureen McCormick was married to Michael Cummings. Natalia’s father Michael is also an artist who has appeared in several television shows.

What Natalie Does ?

Natalie is certainly at her age where she would do something for her living. At the time this article is written, she is already 27 years old. There are several things that Natalie Cummings could do. Like her parents, she could have followed her way to acting, while she could have preferred any other career.

Instead, Natalie Michelle Cummings seems to have started to train people with Yoga. The Natalie Cummings Yoga website seems to be a professional Yoga service named Cardio Yoga Fusion. The Cardio Yoga Fusion is designed to target people who have not got enough time for Yoga but who want to stay fit and improve their strength.

Born: May 19, 1989 (age 27), United States
Height: 5′ 6″
Father: Michael Cummings
Mother: Maureen McCormick
Siblings: Single Children

Natalie is the only children in the family from her celebrity parents Michael and Maureen. She was born in United States and lives with her parents in Los Angeles.

Natalie Parents

Natalie’s Parents

Although there are complications and people fail to maintain proper relationship as the time passes. The condition is even worse with celebrities because they work with too many people and they are exposed to many. This leads to conflict in relationship and celebrities often face complications. Most celebrities get divorce from their first marriage, find another girlfriend and marry again. However Natalie Michelle Cummings had parents who were totally aware about this. They maintained their relationship in a great way and they have never divorced.

The marriage took place in 1985, four years before she was born. They are still married with more than 31 years of marriage. This is very rare case in terms of celebrities, however Michael and Maureen have been able to lengthen their relationship. Steve Harvey has divorced for two times and married for three time, including with Marjorie Bridge.

Natalie’s mother admitted that she was a drug addict and she even traded sex for drugs. Maureen has once admitted to allow an old man to film her naked and he would give her drugs in exchange. She had different stories to share about her past where she used to do a lot of drugs. However after a series of spell at rehab and physiological consultation, she got sober and clean.

One of the reason for her to get clean was her family. She was married when she was 29 years old and she consider the year 1985(the year when she was married) as the best year in her life. It was when she met her husband, she decided to leave all the junk and concentrate on the family. The birth of Natalie later in 1989 gave her yet another reason to stay away from drugs. Today she is a good example on how person could change and give up misusing drugs even after long term addiction. Its all about the will of the person who should commit in order to give away drugs.

In the above video, you will see dog abuse men have done. Animal abuse should not be done and Natalie is against it promoting to stop abuse people do to dogs and other animals.

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