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Nash Grier is an American Internet personality who became famous for his six second loops on a startup video sharing app, vine, back in 2013. As the vine got its popularity, Nash became an internet sensational, and one of the popular viners of all time. In this article, we will discuss more about Nash Grier girlfriend and Nash Grier Net Worth along with some information and facts on the Internet sensation.

Nash Grier Girlfriend

Nash Grier Net Worth

Nash Grier was born in North Carolina in the United States of America. He was born on December 28, 1997. His full name is Hamilton Nash Grier and was born to mother Elizabeth Floyd and father Chad Grier who is now one of his managers. He inherits his father’s last name Grier.

He has two brothers, one elder, who is an American football quarter back, currently with west Virginia mountaineers. His name is Will Grier. Meanwhile his younger brother Hayes Grier is also a famous viner. He has a half sister, one his mother got with another husband after she left their father.

He was a freshman at Davidson Day School, when the six seconds video sharing application, vine was released. He then started to make humorous videos for his friends in the college. Eventually, the videos started to get more attentions and he started to build large audiences.

Nash Grier

Nash Grier

Born Hamilton Nash Grier
North Carolina, United States
Residence California, United States
Nash Grier Girlfriend  Taylor Giavasis
Nash Grier Net Worth $3 Million
Occupation Actor, Vine Celebrity

Shortly after his rise in the internet, he tied up with Magcon, which was a meet and greet convection that helped fans to interact with Internet Personalities. He toured in major cities along with other celebrities like Shawn Mendes and even with his brother Hayes Grier. This helped him build even more followers and popularity and helped to uplift his career. It was back in 2013 that he toured different cities in the United States. He was only 15 years old back then.

Later in 2014, Grier and other celebrities left Magcon as they believed it only limited their career opportunities. He then moved to Los Angeles, California where he bough his first apartment along with Cameron Dallas. He lived along with Dallas and their photographer Bryant Eslava as they though this would help them improve their career. However they were evicted from the property after nine months and Grier lives on his new house in California at the moment.

Nash Grier Girlfriend

Nash Grier as an internet sensation is a young and a dashing icon. This makes his links and rumors with different personality. While living on his first apartment with photographer Bryant Eslava, people were in talks that he could be in relationship with his dashing photographer.

However Nash has been open about his girlfriend and revealed his secret himself. Back in April, 2016, he confirmed that he has been in relationship with Taylor Giavasis. He used a post on his Instagram to reveal that Taylor is the sweetest person on his life and he has been dating her since a year.

They were seen cuddling in a romantic trip in Paris, however they both were secret about their relationship and did not open up on questions.

Nash Grier Girlfriend

Some Facts about Nash Grier Girlfriend

Nash Grier Girlfriend is Taylor Giavasis.

She is from United States. She was born in Ohio and moved to Los Angeles, California.

She was born on August 10, 1997. She is more than three months elder than Nash.

Her birth sign is Leo.

She has 170 thousands follower in Instagram and 90 thousands followers in Twitter.

She also has a YouTube channel with 1800 subscribers on it. She postes about herself and daily life. She has not posted any video on her channel since last three months.

Once she posted her period blood on Twitter and that got a lot of attention from fans around the world. She posted that picture on Twitter.

Nash Grier Net Worth

Nash Grier has more than 9.6 million followers on Instagram. His popularity started with his vine videos as he has gained more than 12.8 million subscribers on his vine account. The account has generated more than 3 billion loops up to date.

He has a YouTube account which has more than 4.8 million subscribers. The total number of views on channels are more than 200 million. Money from YouTube also plays a major role on his income and has increased Nash Grier Net Worth value.

He has released different mobile games and apps with his team and also sells merchandise on online stores. Additionally he signed a movie along with Cameron Dallas.

Additionally his team on the management has confirmed that famous brands pay him around $25000-$100000 to advertise their products and brands on his vines. These kind of endorsement deal also play a vital role on improving Nash Grier Net Worth.

Nash Grier Net Worth : $3 Million

Some more Facts

Apart from Nash Grier Girlfriend name and Nash Grier Net Worth and income report, he we bring you some more facts about the internet sensation.

He is 6ft tall which is equivalent to 1.83 meters.

He loves hip hop and pop music.

He was named Time’s top 25 influential teen in 2014.

Nash said that he learned video editing on his own. It takes him hour, sometime even days to edit a single six second short vine video.

He has several times said that he is against gay rights and gay marriage. While many of his fans disagreed and poured frustrations, he has apologized.

He loves to travel around the world as he loves to explore new culture and meet fans from around the world.

He has openly admitted on his interview that his mother sometimes films her vines.

Nash Grier Girlfriend was spotted while they toured, it was sometime before he publicly spoke about her. When a reporter asked if he was dating her, he pointed with his mother to say that it she was together and it was not a date. However later he revealed through an Instagram post that she was his girlfriend.

Leonardo DiCaprio is his role model and he has publicly said that if he had to choose to work with someone in film, he would choose DiCaprio at an instance.


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