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Miranda Cosgrove is an American singer and actress who was mostly popular as Carly on the TV series iCarly. She has featured in over 96 episodes for the TV series since 2007 to 2015 for five years time. Her popularity on iCarly helped her release her first song and turn herself as a singer in 2009 which helped her win MTV rookie singer of the year in 2009.

She was a small celebrity already when she started in different commercials even before she gained popularity through iCarly. She began her career on screens when she was only three years old, as she appeared in different TV commercials.

Her film debut came on 2003 when she was only 10 years old as she appeared as Summer Hathaway in the popular music fantasy movie School of Rock. The school of rock was a comedy music movie where a teacher who was first kicked from a band becomes a teacher on a strict elementary school, where he turns out some of his students in a rock band.

Miranda Cosgrove as Summer

Miranda Cosgrove as Summer in the movie School of Rock.

She has been actively involved in different TV commercials and movie which adds great value to her net worth.

She was born in Los Angeles, California and she has admitted that she is of English, Irish and French descent. Her father owned a dry cleaning business and her mother was a homemaker. She was discovered by a talent agent back when she was three years old while she was dancing and singing in one of the restaurant. She remembers the days back then and finds herself lucky as the agent approached her and her mother for modelling, which she would have never though at that age.

Basically it was the agent who helped to furnish her career while she was only three. She later got roles on different TV commercials which started her journey as a model, actor and later which turned into singer. Her first role in the television came as a voice over of a five years old Lang Lang back in 2001 when she was eight years old.

Miranda Crosgrove Net Worth

Miranda Crosgrove Facts

Although she is fan favorite, there are certainly some less known facts about the LA born actor. Some of the facts of Miranda Crosgrove are :

  1. She is a bookworm and reads a lots of books. Her favourite book is ‘The Catcher and the Rye.’ The book is a 1951 controversy novel by J. D. Salinger and has been popular among the teenagers.
  2. She is a mid night baker as she happens to bake some cupcakes even in the midnights.
  3. She does not even hurt small flies or a big species.
  4. Her favorite birthday present was a tree house. So if you are ever invited to her birthday party, surprise her with a tree house.
  5. Her favorite movie is 2001 comedy romance Amelie. The movie is about a girl in Paris who fights for the people around her and finds her love in the way for justice.
  6. She has admitted that she has met all the living presidents.
  7. She once had a birthday party for her cat.
  8. She thought on her childhood that her house was haunted.
  9. She is a night own when it comes to study. She stays late night in order to study.
  10. One of her favorite hobbies is to swim during the rainfall.
  11. She would be embarrassed when she went on to home from school only to find some people upload her pictures from school in the social media, without her knowledge.
  12. She has a pet dog. The name of her toy poodle is Pearl. She loves her pet dog which always stays on her basket while she goes out with a cycle.
  13. She was a bit shy when she was little and she admits that she appeared in play in front of her friends and small audience which helped her to relieve her shyness and open herself. She usually suggests teenagers to participate in extra curricular activities in order to get rid of shyness.
  14. She admits that she was really worried about her skin and her body figure when she was young and she would do anything to maintain it, however she says she is okay with what she has and does not exercise and worry much to maintain herself as it comes by itself with her healthy diet and work plans.

Miranda was a celebrity when she was already a Teen and she has talked distinctly how she managed to maintain a healthy stardom. In response to a reporter who asked how she managed to complete her school homework when she was a celebrity, she replied that it was very difficult to go on for a work and return home tired only to do the home works. However she said that she had tutors on different fields which helped her manage her life and school.

When asked how she managed her exercise, she hinted that she was not really into exercise, however said that she and her friends went on for bicycle trips very often. She says that she is in love with fruits and sushi which makes her a healthy diet.

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth

Miranda was into acting and modelling when she was three and discovered by a talent agent back then who approached her mother. So it was only when she was a small child that she started to make money. She appeared in different TV commercials which eventually led to a role in a popular movie School of Rock which was a great box office hit.

Miranda Cosgrove estimated Net Worth : $10 Million

Her income comes from acting and as a singer, while she also earns from celebrity ambassador for Neutrogena. Additionally, her money also comes from endorsements. Additionally she also has over 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel which is her personal channel. Meanwhile she has over 170,000 subscriber on her VEVO music channel on YouTube.

She certainly adds some income from her YouTube channel which increases her net worth value.

Original Name Miranda Cosgrove
Net Worth $10 Million
Income Source Singer, Actor, Endorsement
Annual Income



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