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Love , marriage, divorce and controversies, Steve Harvey has gone through different things on his life. The $100 million valued was married for three time on his wife. Marjorie Bridge Woods is one of his wife. Marjorie Bridges is the third wife of famous comedian , author and radio personality Steve Harvey.

Marjorie Bridges was married to Steve Harvey in 2007 and they have been in relationship ever since. Although Steve Harvey does not have biological children with Marjorie, he has taken legal custody of three of her previous children from her previous husband and considers them to be their father. The step father of three children was previously father for four time, three with his first wife and one with his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey who has been in great controversy ever since her divorce with Steve Harvey in 2005.

Marjorie Bridges Woods

Marjorie Bridges Woods and Steve Harvey married in 2007, two years after his divorce with Mary Lee Harvey. Although their marriage relationship has aged no more than 19 years, it is believed that Steve met Marjorie 17 years back even when he was married to his second wife. Out of many allegations that Mary made, it was one of them that Steve Harvey was dating Marjorie even before their marriage.

Marjorie had strange past, as we all know that she had three children before she married to Steve Harvey. Her previous marriage has not been revealed much but it is believed that Marjorie was married to two drug dealers before she settled with Steve.

She married one drug dealer at first and had children with him but when her husband was caught and sentenced to life in prison, she married another drug dealer and had children with him. Marjorie and Steve met for the first time back in 1999, eight years before their marriage. As both of them were married to someone else, they happened to be in a different kind of relationship. Later when both of their marriage did not go smooth, they decided to marry.

Steve says Marjorie has played great role to improve his career every since his marriage with her. She has been helping with the family and inspiring him to do better on his life.

Husband Steve Harvey (m. 2007)
Children Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, Morgan Harvey
Nationality American
Date of Birth October 10, 1974
Birth Sign Libra
Marriage Date 2007
Birth Place United States

Marjorie was born on October 10, 1974 and she was married to Steve Harvey in 2007 when she was 33 years old and had three children with her previous two marriages. While Steve Harvey was born in 1957, he is 17 years older than his third wife Marjorie Bridges Woods. Steve was 50 years old when he married for the third time with Marjorie.

Steve Harvey Wives

Steve Harvey has married three times on his life and got divorced twice. Marriage and divorce has been common in Hollywood, however he has been in controversies in past regarding his marriage and divorces. Here are some basic information about all of his three wives and children Steve has with them.

Marcia Harvey : Marcia Harvey is first of Steve Harvey’s wife. They were married in 1980 and his first marriage is his lengthiest marriage till date on his life. The couple divorced in 1984 after being in relationship for fourteen years. His first marriage with Marcia gave him three kids, Karli Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr. Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey are twins who were born in 1982. While Karli is already married, her twin sister Brandi is yet to marry.

Marcia’s son who was born in 1991, Broderick Harvey Jr is the only son Steve had with his first wife and he is the first son for Steve Harvey. Steve is still in good relationship with his children from first wife which suggests that his first marriage was very much smooth and did not create any controversy even after the marriage.

Mary Lee Harvey : Mary Lee Harvey is second wife of famous comedian Steve Harvey. She was married to Steve in 1996, two years after Steve got divorce with his first wife. Steve and Mary had a son Wyhton Harvey together and he is the only children the couple had. Wyhton was born on July 18, 1997, six years after Steve’s first son Broderick Jr was born. Whyton was born just one year after Steve was married to Mary.

The couple stayed in marriage for nine years and finally went on to a famous divorce in 2005. Mary was ordered to get  $40,000 until 2009, two years after her divorce and got three of their homes as settlement, including $1.5 million worth of one time payment.

Steve’s marriage with Mary was rather source of controversies after divorce. Marry had alleged him of different things, however some of the allegations were considered to be false. One of the allegations included that Steve abused his son Wyhton and beat him with different things including belts. Later the judge found allegations untrue and Mary was sentenced to 30 days behind bars for dishonoring the jury.

Another claim includes that Steve was in relationship with Marjorie Bridges Woods while the couple were still in marriage. According to her, it hampered her family. It is true that Steve met Marjorie 17 years before, which was still when he was married to Mary, however it may not be true that Steve was in any kind of relationship with her. He was legally married only once he got divorced and settled the case with Mary.

Marjorie Bridge Woods : She is the third and current wife of Steve Harvey. The couple married in 2007, two years after Steve got divorced with his second wife. Although even after divorce and with his marriage with Marjorie, Steve is still facing controversies, allegations and different claims from his second wife Mary. Some of the allegations has been proved untrue while some of them has gone within time. It is unknown if Steve has really done so much bad to Mary but some people claim that Mary is using the false claim to get her media attention.

Marjorie had three children with two of her second husbands before she was married to Steve. All her children are now under the legal custody of Steve and he has given his name to the kids. Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey and Morgan Harvey are three step children of Steve Harvey. Morgan and Lori are two daughters while Jason is son. Morgan is the eldest one of all as she was born in 1987, four years before Jason was born in 1991. Meanwhile Lori is the youngest of all who was born in 1997 which makes her the youngest children among all from Steve. So all together, including his own biological and step children, Steve has three son and four daughters.

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