Maria Victoria Henao – A part of Cursed family

Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of famous drug dealer Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, commonly known as Pablo Escobar. They were married in 1976, while Pablo was 26 years old. Pablo Emilio whosed estimated income was more than $20 billion every year was killed using a hired assassin. It was estimated that he smuggled more than 80% of total cocaine that entered in the United States of America.

Maria Henao is popularly known as Tata, which is her nickname that is used in the drugdealing industry. She married to Pablo Escobar while she was 15 years old and was married to him until his death on December 2, 1993, one day after his 44th birthday. This means Maria and Pablo were 11 years in age difference.

Maria Victoria Henao Wiki

Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar had twochildren together , Juan Pablo, who has since changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin, and Manuela. Most of the people were introduced to this family from Netflix drama based on the life and death of Pablo.

After Pablo’s death in 1993, Maria along with her children fled away to Colombia, their native land and the country where Pablo was born. Later they moved to Germany in search of place followed by relocating to Argentina in order to get permanent place. It was in Argentina where mother Maria Victoria Henao and son Jaun were arrested from their secret home because of money laundering. According to reports, their arrest was order shortly after a television show aired in the Argentine Television.

Maria Victoria Henao

Sweet family : Maria Victoria Henao along with her husband Pablo and two children.

Maria has changed her name and her son has also changed his identity and the family has always preferred to live away from media and public. Beside the incident in 1999 where the mother and son were arrested for suspision of money laundering, they have not been involved in any other speculations. Howvever the Netflix show ‘Narcos’ has influenced people to learn more about the wife and children of Pablo Escobar. Pablo’s son criticized Narcos for twisting and manipulating his father’s story.

In the above video, you could watch the trailer of famous Net flix series which was inspired by life and death of well known drug dealer Pablo.

He used Facebook post in order to criticize the show where he used more than 28 points to prove that the Emmy Award nominated-show was promoting lies and insulting the while nation. Meanwhile the show makers responded that the events were based on Colombian drug war, however some characters and incident in the show were fictionalised rather than pure reality.

The son was always asking his father to stop violence as he said that he, his sister Manuela and his mother Maria Victoria Henao always wanted peace rather than violence. However his father replied and said that he should never forget the bom blast in Colombia which was aimed towards Sebastian, Manuela and Maria.

The series in Netflix also said that Maria Victoria Henao has bought and kept weapons, however according to Sebistian, his mother never bought or kept any weapons and Netflix was just manipulating their story. Sebastian was never proud of all the path of violence his father followed. He always wanted his father to stop what he was doing and search for the peaceful way. He was among the few people who was not his father’s yes man and was critical about his Pablo Escobar’s decisions. People might have been very much afraid about Pablo, his decisions and his power, so many people would be his yes-man, unable to pour any critics on his decision.

Maria Victoria Henao husband Pablo Escobar Facts

Pablo Escobar was born on December 1, 1949 in Rionegro and was a drug dealer and and trafficker. He had the hands on more than 80% of cocaine that entered in the United States of America. His income based on his drug deals and illegal activities was around $20 billion every year which was way too high to be considered at that point of time. He married Maria Victoria Henao in 1976 and had two children, one son and one daughter with her.

His parent’s name was Abel de Jesus and Hermilda de los Dolores. Meanwhile his children’s name was Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela Escobar. Sebastian was born in 1977, a year after his parents were married. He was 17 years old when his father was shot to death by a hired hitmal who killed more than 300 people on his wife. The man was later robbed in the second largest city in Colombia. This was not the first time when he had to suffer from similar incident. He was also been through similar situation six months back before this happend. However according to police, he never mentioned or reported a complaint about any of those inclidents.

The hired killer was Jhon Jairo Velasquez who was sent to prison for 22 years for murder. Later after 22 years of sentence, he has started to comment on YouTube about Colombian politics.

Pablo started from nothing and in few years of time, he became one of the most powerful person in the world. He was the son of the poor farmer in Colombia, however at the age of 35, he was already one of the richest men on earth.

It was believed that Pablo bought around $420 million a week worth of drug which made him one of the wealthiest drug dealer in history. He was listed as the seventh richest man in earth for his wealth he made from illegal activities.

One of the interesting fact about Pablo Escobar’s money was that, he lost around $2 billion from his profit every year. As his wealth was growing so fast, it was totally difficult for him to launder his money which forced him to keep the money either in farm fields or behind the walls. The money was so huge that some of them were either eaten by rats or damaged by water which was the main reason why he lost money from his profits. However that sum of money did not matter very much for the ‘King of Cocaine’.

Another incident including money and Pablo is that once he started fire with $2 Million because his daughter was cold. That sounds ridiculously rich, and it actually was. Money like $2 million was like a little out from the pile of cash he had.

The mafia king did not just make money for himself but was also involved in social activities. He was named Robin hood because he helped poor. He made more than 75 community soccer fields and built houses for homeless people.

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