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Margot Robbie is emerging, she is beautiful and this is why people would certainly search for Margot Robbie boyfriend. The Australia born actress currently resides on London, England, United Kingdom. The actress’ main source of income that adds to Margot Robbie’s net worth is her acting and endorsement. She was able to get popularity with the movie The Wolf of Wall Street where she started alongside Leonardo Di Caprio as her wife in the award winning movie.

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Margot Robbie Boyfriend

Margot Robbie Facts

Margot Robbie Net Worth

Robbie started her career by starting in Australian independent films in the year 2000. She is a daughter to Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist and her father was a farm-owner in the past. She has three siblings, two brothers and a sister which means her parents had two sons and two daughters, a complete balance in the family in terms of male and female.

Margot Robbie

While she started her career in different independent films when she was only ten, her professional career started when she started in two feature films back in 2007. The films were I.C.U and Vigilante. She was able to impress her director in an audition and she was able to get the lead role without any agent for I.C.U. Alongside, she has also appeared in different commercials and saw herself in guest roles as well.

Margot Robbie soon appeared as Donna Freedman on Neighbors on 2008. Neighbours is an Australian Television Serial.  It is the longest running drama series in Australia as from 1985 and has more than 7000 episodes till the date. Although it was a guest role for Robbie back then when she first started on the serial, but was able to impress and was soon promoted as a regular cast of the Australian Drama series.

She had later revealed in a interview that she was in a holiday with her boyfriend in Canada, however she had to return back when she knew that she won the role for the series. Although the holiday was planned for quite a time, but she had to return only in two days. Later on 2010 she announced that she was leaving Neighbors almost after three years to get a Hollywood Debut. She went back to start in Neighbor’s 30th anniversary episode later on.

To get into Hollywood, she auditioned for Charlie’s Angel, however ended up with a role for Pan Am. She was trying to get a role in the new TV series Charlie’s Angel back then, but the production personnel thought that she would be a fit for Pan Am. She was featured as Laura Cameron, stewardess who was new and just out of the training. The drama series was cancelled after a season and could not continue. Although it got good critics, but it was cancelled due to failed ratings.

Later she got her first break in Hollywood movie through About time, which was completed in a $12 Million budget and earned more than $80 Million. The movie made good critics and comments and went on to do pretty well. Later on the media shouted that she would get a role in The Wolfs of Wall Streets alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and the rumor went on to be true when she was revealed in the popular movie. The movie adds great weight to Margot Robbie Net Worth as the movie almost made a total gross of $400 Million.

Margot Robbie wolfs of wall street

Only few would forget her this scene in Wolfs of Wall Streets which added a great value to Margot Robbie net worth

Then she started alongside Will Smith in romantic comedy film Focus. The film that grossed $150 million from along the world got mixed critics, however Robbie was praised for her role. Since her debut and entrance in Hollywood, she has been improving and her net worth value is all but improving.

Her movies have been able to hand her handful amount of nominations and awards. She was able to win Logie Awards back in 2009 for Most popular new female talent and most popular actress for her role in the Australia drama series Neighbours. Meanwhile she went on to win five awards for The Wolf of Wall Streets which includes, best cast in the Boston Society of Film Critics, Best Acting Ensemble in the Broadcast Film Critics Association, Best Ensemble in the Detroit Film Critics Society, Best female newcomer in the Empire awards and Best Breakthrough Performance in the MTV movies award in 2014. Later on, she also won the Teen choice award for Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie Boyfriend

Yes, she is a celebrity, this is why people want to know about Margot Robbie boyfriend.

Margot Robbie Boyfriend

Margot Robbie Boyfriend Tom Ackerly

Now, forget about all the relationships she had in the screens and get to know her boyfriend Tom Ackerly. She has been dating Ackerly since 2013 and they have been a sweet couple. You might have noticed back when she got a role in Neighbour, she stated in an interview that she was in a holiday with her boyfriend in Canada and had to come back only in two days after she came to know that she got a permanent role in the Drama series. That boyfriend was different and since this new and existing relationship started in 2013, the previous one was broke up. This case is usual with celebrities and stars as the relationship is mostly complicated.

About Tom Ackerly, she might be in a serious relationship as rumors have been revolving that these two are getting married secretly. However she has declined the claim that she has been busy with her work loads recently and faces difficult to get a single day off, which rules out the chances that she would be marrying her boy anytime soon.

Many of us may have been curious and want to know more about Margot Robbie’s boyfriend, the guy also is related with the film industry. He is an assistant director and has a role in different popular movies including MI-5 that starred Kit Harrington, popularly know as Jon Snow from the Game of thrones. The two might have met in a work at Suite Française where Robbie has acted and her boyfriend has worked as an assistant director. She is very much open and happy about her boyfriend and also claims him as the best looking guy in the London.

Margot Robbie Facts

There have been interesting facts and incident on her life. Here are some quick facts :

“Maggot” is her nickname, this name was given by her family.

She had three shots of Tequila at nine in the morning, just to prepare for a sex scene with Leonardo in the Wolf of Wall Street.

She had admitted that she is not much of girly when it comes about fashion.

Earlier, she says that despite of her gorgeous looks, she struggles to get a date. However this is not true at the moment as she is currently dating Tom Ackerly.

She worked in Subway before she made her major professional acting debut.

She loves beer and fries and has accepted that she is not much perfect at maintaining diets.

She has been trying to get a role as a superhero as she wants to play the role.

Margot Robbie Net Worth

Robbie started her journey as an actress back then at the age of 10, however her professional debut came later. That was the time  when she started to increase her value in the market. She has often been praised for her acting and most notably her role as Leonardo’s second wife in the Wolfs of Wall street has been a career changer.

Calvin klein

Margot Robbie Net worth is around $8 Million and its estimated but only expected to increase with her engagement in Hollywood very often. The Net worth is almost similar to one Dylan Sprouse, a part of the sprouse twin brother.

Her income source includes pay check from movies and endorsement deals, few of which includes Nivea and Calvin Klein.

Original Name Margot Robbie
Net Worth $8  Million
Income Source Actor, Endorsement
Boyfriend Tom Ackerly
Age 26 years , as of 2016

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