Manchester City Owner Net Worth – Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Manchester City is one of the richest club in the world football currently emerging to get in the ranks of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Manchester United. In the valuation of the clubs Manchester City lies in the 6th position after those mentioned club and Arsenal. The total worth of the club is $1.921Billions according to forbes. The recent emerge of the club and rise in the value of the club can be credited to Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is commonly known as Sheikh Mansour.

Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan – The Manchester City Football club Owner

Born in November 20, 1970, 45 year old Sheikh Mansour is also the deputy prime minister of United Arab Emrites. Born in the royal family of Arab he is also the half brother of the current president Khalifa Bin Ziyad. He is a bachelor degree holder in international affairs from United Arab Emirates University in 1993 after completing his English studies in 1989 from Santa Barbara community college.

Manchester City owner

Born in Royal Family, Mansour was appointed as a chairman of president office at the age of 28 when his father was the president of the country.  He also served in various positions the different rank services in the governmental departments. In the sector of education in UAE Mansour holds a great position as he established scholarships for native citizens in the foreign countries, he was deputy chairperson of Abu Dhabi education council in 2005.

Mansour has two wives named Alia and Bint. He have one son from his first wife and two sons and two daughters from the second wife Bint.

Mansour have immense love for sports as he is involved in various sporting category. He is one of the best horse riders in the Middle East gulf countries where he has won various tournaments. He is also head of Al Jazira Sports Company. Al Jazira sports company was successful organizers of 2010 FIFA Club world cup. Sheikh Mansour bought whole Manchester City football club for 265million pounds and got back all startup investment for 13% shares only back in 2015. He also owns Melbourne Football Club and NewYork City Football club.  These three clubs are one of the most lucrative deal brokers in three different continents recently.

Income and net worth

Offcourse Sheikh Mansour is turning out to be one of the powerful person in Middle East by his political influence but he is also one of the wealthiest person in the region. He is the richest football club owner according to forbes. It is believed that his family is worth a trillion dollar and the net worth of Sheikh Mansour as per now is $32billion.

Original Name Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Net Worth $32 illion
Income Source Business, Football Club
Annual Income

As most of the Arab top class business man he is also associated with Petroleum Company.  He has 32% shares in Virgin Galactic worth $280 million. He was chairman in BOD for international Petroleum Investment Company. He has almost 10% shares in Daimler worth which is valued more than $10billions. He purchased that in 2009 when the company was valued just around $2.7 billion. He is also owner of Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment which controls his football clubs and Education business. It is worth around $1.5billions.

Mansour is great lover of sports, he purchased Manchester City football club for $400millions and sold 13% share which collected his investment in the club which is now valued just below $2billion. He also own other two football club in Australia and America.

Mansour also holds vast amount of share in the companies owned by royal family. He have businesses around the world with the expensive cars and villas.

Once regarding the atmosphere of Manchester City football club he said,” In Abu Dhabi, our heritage and culture are inherent to our values, and the way we live our lives. I think it’s the same in Manchester.”

Some facts about Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

  • Sheikh Mansour married his first wife Alia during 1990s and he married second time in 2005 with the powerful lady Bint who is the president of the Dubai women establishment.
  • In 2009 he didn’t only became deputy prime mister of the United Arab Emirates, he also retain his position as a minister of president affairs.
  • He is the upcoming king of the sports broadcasting service in the Asia, He is owner of the Abu Dhabi Media investment co-operation. The company holds rights of publishing the content of The largest media group Sky in Arabic contents.
  • Sheikh Mansour underpins the Arabian horse raching by having the Sheik Mansour international Arabian level racing fastival that happens on five different continents and is additionally the faceof the street running tournament named Zayed International Half Marathon which is organized every year in Abu Dhabi.
  • Al Jazira Club which is owned by the company of Sheikh won Asia’s club football tournament president cup for consecutive time in 2011 and 2012. The club falls under Al Jazira Sports Company.
  • Within a month of buying football club in England he set another record breaking deal with Barclays Bank which worth $9.6 billion as he put into Barclays multinational managing an account and monetary administrations organization by offering the bank a private salvage bundle. In that deal it is rumored Sheikh will receive 14.4% return annually.
  • He loves to spend his vacation time in luxurious way, In 2012 he bought Topaz yatch for his private services which is 147meters long.
  • His father Sheikh Zayed is regarded as a father of Country. He was the first president and founder of the nation. Sheikh Mansour is 5th in positional rank among his 19 childrens.
  • As a minister of Presidents office is Abu Dhabi Al Nahayan needs to intercede between the emirates’ seven rulers. Once he was heavily criticized after Abu Dhabi had to bail $10billion.
  • Manchester City won the premier league first time in 2011 under his regime and became 5th club to do so after Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers.
  • As most of the Abu Dhabi billionaires hold majority of shares in oil foundation, Sheikh Mansour is comparatively different and the chances of risk of the business going down is very low.

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