London King Actress detail on Life and Mystery

A basic though on the keyword ‘London King Actress’ would be somehow people searching for an actress of the movie or a television series named London King. However it is completely different than what a normal people would think. London King is former model who has acted in various movies.

London King

The actress London King has a daughter named Elle King. Her daughter was previously born as Tanner Elle Schneider but she later dropped her father’s name.

London King is an actress who is known for A better way to Die, 2000 movie where London King acted as Cheryl. She was born to her parents David and Paula King.

London King Marriage

The famous actress was married and divorced two time in her life. She was first married to Rob Schneider back in 1988 and the marriage did not last for more than two years. Rob Schneider is famous American actor, comedian and stand up celebrity who has appeared in different roles including television series and movies. The couple divorced after two years in marriage and they had one children together, Elle King.

Both London King and Rob Schneider were married once again after their first marriage. London King Actress, was married to Justin Tesa in 2000 and they are together till the date. King and Tesa have a children together, Noah King who is step sister of Elle.

Similarly Rob Schneider married to Patricia Azarcoya Schneider in 2011, long after he got divorce from his first wife. He has another children Miranda Scarlett Schneider together with Patricia Azarcoya.

London King Relations

Rob Schneider : Rob Schneider is the first husband of London King. They married in 1988 and the relationship did not last more than 2 years after having one children, which was daughter. After the couple got divorced from first marriage, both of them are married separately now.

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider : Patrica is Rob Schneider’s second wife who was married to Rob in 2011. Although Patricia has no direct relationship with king, she is King’s ex-husband’s current wife.

Justin Tesa : After getting divorce with Rob, actress London King was married to Justin Tesa in 2000. The marriage took place after 10 years of separation with Rob. So London was single for 10 years in her life. Tesa and King have a children together and the couple have been living happily together after their marriage in 2000.

Elle King : Elle King is London’s first daughter who was born from her first marriage which was with Rob. Elle was born in July 3, 1989, which was almost 10 months after Rob and London were married. Elle has established herself as famous American singer. She was born as Tanner Elle Schneider, but later in her life, she decided to drop her father’s name and changed herself as Elle King. She decided to drop her father’s name because she wanted to establish herself on her own.

Elle King

London King’s daughter Elle King performing.

Although people would recognize her as famous comedian Rob’s daughter, she says it was her voice people recognized her instead of her father’s name. Her inspiration is Justin Tesa, who is her step father, an American musician who was married to her mother while she was 11 years old.

Noah King : Noah King is London King’s second daughter with her second husband. Noah is Elle’s step daughter but they share similar name from their mother. They have a good bonding together.

Miranda Scarlett Schneider : Miranda Scarlett Schneider is London King’s step daughter. Miranda was born from Rob’s second marriage. Miranda was born on November 16, 2012 in Los Angeles, California and has already made her debut in TV show ‘Real Rob’ as a child artist. She is Elle King’s step sister and London’s step daughter.

London King Movies

She was previously an American model who has appeared in various movies later in her career. She has appeared in some movies and television shows.

A Better Way to Die : A better way to Die is a 2000 movie where King has appeared in a role as Cheryl. The movie is action comedy and crime which has an average rating of 5.7 in famous movie rating website IMDB. Written and directed by Scott Wiper, the movie featured Scott Wiper, Jack Conley, Carmen Argenziano including London King herself.

Raw Fish : Raw fish is 2001 comedy movie where London King has appeared as Jade.

The Calling : She has appeared as Ruby Jenkins in 2002 drama ‘The Calling’.

Although she has not appeared in different famous movies, or she has not got major roles in movies, she was seen in supporting roles. She was a famous model back in her time which has got her opportunity to get some roles in movies as an actress.

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