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Net worth of Kit Harington, famously known as Jon Snow on his TV Series Game Of thrones has been a highly loved and adorable character on the popular ‘Game of Thrones’ TV show. May be the people know him famously for his character as the bastard son of Ned Stark, however there are many other roles , either it be in the TV series or in the movies, he has appeared. The article will cover following topics :

Kit Harington Movies

Kit Hatington TV Shows

Kit Harington Net Worth and Income

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Kit Harington Movies – Jon Snow Movies

Mission Impossible 5 – Kit Harington stars in the movie and is characterized as Will Holloway who teams up with disgraced MI5 Intelligence Chief Harry Pearce in order to track down a convict who escaped a prison. The 2015 action thriller movie has an IMDB rating of 6.3 and has been voted by more than 10,000 users.

Watch Jon Snow in action as he was seen in the Mission impossible trailer.

Seventh Son – He may not have an important or a major role in the movie, but Kit Harrington is seen as Mr. Bradly in the 2015 Adventure fantasy movie.

Testament of Youth – The 2014 movie stars Harington as Roland Leighton in a movie that pictures the story of a young love in the World War. The movie has an awesome 7.3 rating in IMDB.

Pompeii – Game of Thrones has produced different opportunity to Kit, one of which is Pompeii. Kit has been seen as Milo who is a talented gladiator who has been loved by the crowd. The 2014 adventure movie has an average 5.3 reviews in the IMDB.

Silent Hill: Revelation – This remains another movie that Kit Harington started after starting a hit at the Game of thrones as Jon snow. So another Jon Snow movie, where Kit has been featured in the Horror movie as Vincent. The movie has an average 5.0 rating on IMDB.

Kit Harington TV Series- Jon Snow TV Series

Undoubtedly, the TV series that has been in your mind might be Game of Thrones, however Kit Harington has been featured in a TV documentary Seven Days in Hell.

Seven days in hell is a comedy, fictional documentary style expose of the rivalry between two popular tennis players back in 2011 who battle in a match that lasted for seven days. He has been featured as Charles Poole in the TV show that has been rated an average of 7.1 by more than 5000 reviewers.

Kit Harington

Besides the TV shows and movies that he has started, Kit has also used his voice on How to Train your dragon 2 and The Game of Thrones game which was released back in 2014. Apart from these, Kit has also been seen in different TV shows and interviews as guest. Although Kit prefers the role in the film and TV series as we have seen so far, he has also appeared in different theater roles.

Kit Harington Net Worth and Income

Original Name Christopher Catesby Harington
Net Worth $5 Million
Income Source Actor
Annual Income $1M – $3M

Kit Harington has featured in different movies and TV series and his source of income is acting. He has been one of the popular cast in the TV series Game of thrones and his expected salary is around $500,000 every year.

His expected net worth is around $5 Million United States dollar and most of his property has come from acting on the Game of Thrones TV series.

It is expected that the TV character’s pay has been increased in game of thrones and his payment has increased almost to $300,000 every episode, which makes him almost $3M every game of thrones series from now inwards. His net worth values is expected only to increase in years to come.

He is an English actor, born in London, United Kingdom to a businessman. He wanted to become a journalist or a war correspondent before he found his fate on acting.


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