John P Coale biography and facts

John P Coale is a retired lawyer and husband of popular TV journalist Greta Van Susteren. Greta Van Susteren was a former television commentator and host in Fox News who left Fox News on a financial dispute.

“Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years and I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now. The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait,” John P Coale’s wife Greta Van Susteren wrote on Facebook. “I love my staff, I love my colleagues, and I love the crews. That is the hardest part of this decision as they are wonderful people.”

Former Lawyer John is married to Susteren since 1988 and reports claim that he married twice before he tied knots with the television presenter.

Coale described himself as an “ambulance chaser” who first got noticed in a 1984 gas disaster in Bhopal, India. The gas disaster in Bhopal effected over 500,000 people with poisons gas and chemicals which took over 3700 lives reportedly. Although the reports suggests the death of 3700 people, it was believed that the facts was hidden and more than 15000 deaths have been assumed. The 1993 LA times reports claimed that Coale was the first American Lawyer to appear ever in Bhopal.

The Bhopal disaster was only one of few disasters that he caught his attention. He was know as ‘master of disaster’for some of his works which included 1986 Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in Puerto Rico and a 1991 North Carolina chicken-processing plant fire.

Although he was married to Susteren back in 1988, more than 28 years back from now, the couple do not have children together.

The celebrity lawyer John P Coale also was a key part of the 1997 Tobacco industry’s settlement with the Government. The event took part just a year ahead of his marriage with his wife Greta. The deal required tobacco companies to make a payment of  $368.5 billion over a 25-year period. Coale soon retired after the Tobacco deal, while his wife Greta got onto popularity after she covered O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Coale became a Scientologist as he explained that helped him get rid over drugs addiction. According to him, he did a lot of drugs back in college. Although in 80s when he choose to become a Scientologist, he did not do a lot of drugs but his decision has helped him to settle his problems with drugs, he has admitted. Scientologist is a body of religious beliefs and practices which was created in 1954.

John P Coale Facts

John P Coale is an American tort lawyer who was famous for cases that he handled in disasters. Because too many disastrous case caught his attention, he was known as master of disasters. Some of the popular case he handled was Bhopal gas case where more than 3700 people reportedly lost their life. More than 500000 people were effected by deadly gas and chemicals, while unofficial claim that there were more than 16000 death, way higher than what official data claimed.

After his retirement as a lawyer, he was then actively seen in politics. He supported Martin O’Malley during the presidential election.  It was in April 2015, that Coale’s relation with former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley attracted attention from different media outlets. One profile included from the Washington post, which has clearly explained Coale’s intention with the campaign.

It has also reported that former lawyer, who made millions of the tobacco deal funded more than $750000 over political campaigns. Coale supported his friend John McCain during the 2008 presidential elections but also claimed that Hillary Clinton as his friend. It was claimed that Coale donated over $75000 to O’Malley for the campaign and provided more than $500000 as a loan. Former Lawyer claimed that these two met 15 years back when the presidential candidate Martin was Mayor or Baltimore. They were introduced by a fraternity brother from the University of Maryland.

Reports claim that John P Coale has attended Kim Kardashian’s wedding and he has also represented Lisa Marie Presley in her divorce with famous singer Michael Jackson. It is believed that Coale came in contact with Lisa Marie Presley during their time in the church of Scientology where both of them have been members for years.

Jphn P Coale and his wife both are Scientologist and he has admitted that his religious beliefs has never impacted his political decisions. He has also said that his choice to become Scientologist has helped him come over his issues with the drugs that he had long time back at the college days. Although he was not as addictive as in the college days, his decision with the religious belief has helped him come over the issue, he has admitted.

John P Coale Cancer

Her wife Greta Van Susteren revealed that John P Coale suffered cancer which he overcame after series of surgeries. It was back in December 2012 when Coale was diagnosed with a throat cancer. After more than 4 surgeries in 2013, he was able to get rid of the cancer. According to his wife Susteren, there is no more than 10% chance that it could reappear. She considers herself and John P Coale happy that they could overcome the calamity that not everyone could get rid of.

In addition to the cancer, he also went on open heart surgery in 2015 which was one of the reason why he would be lesser active in the campaign. He has admitted in an interview with Washington post which was taken few weeks prior to his surgery that his open heart surgery would somehow effect his presence on the campaign. Although he would help with everything possible, it would not be as if he was the same previously.

Coale has said on his blog that he would not be afraid to fight against government for justice. His works has been showcased in number of books, magazines and different journals. He has been mentioned in different online and offline journals including the La Times, The Washington Post and The New York times and even in the Wall Streets Journal.

Coale loves to help his friend, either it be within politics or out of politics. People claim that he has used the connections from his wife while her time in the Fox news to establish some good relationship with politicians to get in the personal relationship position he is in the moment.


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