Jeremy Louis Alexander – Michelle McCool husband

Michelle McCool is former American wrestler, while Jeremy Louis Alexander is popularly known as her ex husband. Michelle McCool previous husband Jeremy Louis Alexander. Michelle started to date Jeremy back when she was in high school with him.

Jeremy and Michelle were married in 2001, while the relationship did not last more than five years as the couple divorced in 2006.

Jeremy Louis Alexander

Jeremy met McCool during their time in high school together and they decided to marry in 2001. He supported his wife different time as he was seen on WWE with her several times.

While the life as celebrity could have been difficult to handle for the couple, the marriage could not last long than five years old. Later McCool married famous wrestler ‘The Undertaker’ and they have one children together.

After Jeremy Louis was divorced with McCool, she married The Undertaker four years later. The name of the children McCool has with Undertaker is Kaia Faith Calaway. He was born two years after Jeremy Louis Alexendar previous wife married for the second time, with her fellow wrestler.

Michelle McCool Divorce

Michelle McCool got divorce with Jeremy in 2006 which was five years after the couple got married. Michelle met him at her high school and they were married in 2001. Her ex husband would appear in WWE shows with his wife supporting her. They did not have children together as it might be too early for Michelle to give up her career and choose to become mother while she was in relationship with Jeremy. Michelle was just 21 years old when she got married to Jeremy and she was 26 years when the couple decided to separate. It was too early for her to bring up a children which would have certainly hampered her career as a professional wrestler.

Michelle made her debut as the WWE actor in 2004, three years after their marriage and two years before their divorce. This exactly makes sense why she did not want to have any children with Jeremy. It is assumed that her husband wanted to have children, and she did not. This contrast of opinion between the couples was also one of the reason why Jeremy Louis Alexander would want to get a life without her.

Michelle decided to quit WWE and retire from her career in 2011, which was exactly one years after she was married to Mark William Calaway, famously know as ‘The Undertaker’. It was one year after she announced her retirement that she gave birth to their first child. Her decision to quit as the professional wrestler might have come when she first knew that she would be a mother.

Her new husband Undertaker is 15 years older than her, while her first husband Jeremy Louis Alexander was almost similar of her age.

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