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Jenna Nicole Mourey is a YouTube Star who is popularly known for her pseudo-name Jenna Marbles. She is an American vBlogger who has more than 16 Billion subscribers and over 2 Billion video views on her YouTube Channel. We will cover things like Jenna Marbles net worth, her age, her boyfriend name and many other topics like following in this articles :

Jenna Marbles Wiki

Jenna Marbles Net Worth

Jenna Marbles Birthday

Jenna Marbles Age

Jenna Marbles Boyfriend

Jenna Marbles Dog

Jenna Marbles Wiki

Jenna Marbles was born in Rochester , New York in the United States as Jenna Nicole Mourey and she is popularly known as Jenna Marbles.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree, and later attended Boston University for a Master of Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling.

As every hard workers start with a difficult career, she started her early earnings doing things like bar-tending, working at a saloon and Jena’s blogging, this was how she paid an $800 apartment rent which she shared with her friends.

She is also a YouTube made celebrity like Lance Stewart, however , she is much more popular and Jenna Marbles net worth value is much more than that of Lance Stewart.

She is one of the greatest Internet celebrity with over 4 million Twitter follower. She has more than 2 million followers in Facebook and each of her Facebook posts gets over 20K likes and comments in an average.

She has also been featured in many TV Series one of which is Holbty City, a popular TV show that was started only in 2016. All of her Filmography could be seen in Jenna Marbles IMDB. She has her own dedicated page in IMDB, which is a rare contest for a YouTube video blogger, which means she has also established herself as an actor.

Jenna Marbles Net Worth

Without any doubt, Jenna Marbles has collected majority of her wealth from her YouTube channels. Besides, she is also involved in acting and now she has also started a business where she sells toy dogs, inspired by her pet. The name of her business is Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles.

She started her YouTube venture when she posted her first video, How to trick people into thinking you are looking good, this is her most watched video till date and has generated more than 64 million views till present. This was the video that she uploaded five years ago in her YouTube Channel.

She has 16 Million subscribers in her channel and another 15 Million on her vBlog Channel.

Her expected Net Worth is around : $4 Million

She is the seventh most subscribed channel in the YouTube and also the most popular women and most subscribed women in the YouTube.

Jenna Marbles Birthday and Jenna Marbles Age

Jenna Marbles was born in New York in Septembed 15, 1986 which makes her 29 years old at the date this article is published.

She celebrates her birthday on September every year, which is on September 15 and she will turn 30 years old this September in 2016.

Jenna Marbles BoyFriend

Jenna Marbles boyfriend

Jenna Marbles boyfriend Julien Solomita is also a YouTube Celebrity.

Jenna Marbles is very much publicly open about her boyfriend as she has been seen many times along with her boyfriend in her vlog and her videos in YouTube. The name of Jenna Marble’s boyfriend is Julien Solomita, and she also streams a podcast with her boyfriend named Jenna and Julien Podcast.

Julien is also a YouTube celebrity as he has a YouTube Channel that has almost a million subscribers in YouTube and he has some social media followers as well.

Jenna Marbles Dog

Jenna Marbles Dog Marbles

Jenna Marbles loves her dog very much and has also named her channel after her Dog. Her Dog’s name is Marbles which adds up to her pseudoname. She features her dog very often in her video blogs and even in her YouTube channels. Her dog turned eight years old in June 6 this year which means Marbles celebrates his birthday every June 6.

The breed of her dog is Chihuahua, which is considered to be smallest of bread of dog and is expected to be started from Chihuahua state of the Mexico.

Besides Marbles,  she also has an Italian greyhound whose name is Kermit.

Additionally, she is the first YouTuber along with Smosh who has her own wax figure. In the picture below, she is seen capturing selfie with her wax figure which is displayed by Madame Tussauds.



This is first honors that a YouTube celebrity has every got. This shows how popular she is.

Original Name Jenna Nicole Mourey
Net Worth $4 Million
Income Source Videos, Acting, Business
Jenna Marbles Boyfriend Julien Solomita
Jenna Marbles Dog Marbles and Kermit
Jenna Marbles age 29 years old

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