Isabella Jane Cruise – Tom Cruise Daughter

Isabella Jane Cruise is Tom Cruise’s daughter. She was born in December 22, 1992 in Miami, Florida, United States of America. Her mother is Nicole Kidman who is Tom Cruise’s second wife. Cruise married her back in 1990 and their relationship lasted for 11 years, without having a child. As a result, the couple adapted two children, one of which is Isabella Jane Cruise.

Isabella Jane Cruise Relatives

Lucia Hawley : Lucia Hawley is Bella Cruise’s cousin as she is Nicole Kidman’s niece. Nicole has a very close bond with Lucia and her other nieces.

Hamish Hawley: Hamish Hawley is Bella Cruise’s cousin as he is Nico Kidman’s sister’s son.

Sybella Hawley : Sybella Hawley is Isbella’s cousin.

James Hawley: James Hawley is Bella’s cousin as he is Antonio Kidman’s son.

All Lucia, Hamish, Sybella and James are Nicole’s sister Antio’s son with her ex-husband Angus. Antonio and Angus married after both separated from their previous marriage and had four children together. Nicole loved all of her nieces and nephews very much, and she flew to console them during their father’s death which was sudden.

Nicholas Marran : Nicholas Marran is Antonio Kidman’s fifth son and he is Isabella’s cousin brother in relation.

Alexander Norman Kidman Marran : Alexander Norman Kidman Marran is Antonio Kidman’s another son with Craig Marren.

Nicholas Marran and Alexander are Antonio Kidman’s two sons with Craig Marren.

Antonia Kidman : Antonia Kidman is her aunt as she is Nicole’s younger sister. Antonia who was born in 14 july, 1970 is an Australian journalist and TV presenter. She was born in Melbourne, Australia. She has six kids, four from her first husband and two from her second husband.

Isabella Jane Cruise


Connor Cruise : Connor Cruise is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son whom them adopted.

Suri Cruise : Suri Cruise is Tom Cruise’s only biological daughter with his third wife. Suri was born after Tom separated from Nicole kidman and married for the third time in his life.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban : She is Nicole Kidman’s daughter with Keith Urban who she married in 2006 after separating with Tom Cruise.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban : Sunday Rose is Nicole Kidman’s another daughter with Keith Urban. So she is Isabella Cruise’s sister by relationship.

Some Isabella Cruise Facts

Isabella Cruise is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adapted children. Tom Cruise married for the second time on his life with Nicole, while Nicole’s marriage with Cruise was her first. However the two separated after 11 years in relationship and both of them married another time. Nicole has two daughters in her new marriage, while Tom Cruise also has a daughter with his marriage that is already ended.

Isabella Jane Cruise married Max Parker in London. Max is an IT consultant in London and the couples have moved to Croydon.

It was a quite marriage because Bella is not very fond of media and popularity. Both her parents Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were not present in the marriage. While some say that she has not good relation with her parents, while other say that she did not wanted to pic up media attention. People also believed that it was their parents who funded the wedding, however there was not any concrete source.

Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise

Isabella Cruise along with his brother Connor Cruise

Although some media outlet claimed that she did not invited Tom Cruise in the wedding, but Tom Cruise said that she wanted to keep her marriage low profile and he respected her decision.

Despite of her parents’ absence, her brother Connor Cruise was present in the ceremony. The marriage did not have any official reception, it was an informal event.

Reports claim that Isabella Jane Cruise has legally changed her name to Isabella Parker.

She graduated from Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adapted Isabella back in 1993 while his brother was brought home in 1995. After their parent’s separation, both the children decided to stay with their father.

Although official reports claims that Nicole Kidman was absent in the marriage, she was secretly present but did not disclose because they wanted to keep the marriage low profile.

She claims all the reports of her estrangement between herself and her parents to be untrue. She says she has very good relationship with both her parents and she is in regular contact with both her father and mother.

It is believed that Scientology was one of the main reason why her parents Tom and Nicole separated. When asked about her mother Nicole during her father’s third marriage, she was disrespectful about the answer and claimed that she would not see her mother if she had a choice. It was back when she was a young and teen, however she now claims that she has good relationship with her mother.

Some Facts about Her Father

Her father Tom Cruise did not have a proper smile which he has at the moment. Tom Cruise did a lot of dental surgeries to mend his teeth. He also got braces during his 40s which is part of different efforts he made to make his teeth white and straight.

Apart from his screen roles as a hero, he is also a real life hero. He once helped a women who was being robbed as he was able to fight against the culprits. Additionally back in 1996, he saw a woman hit by a car. He then drove women to the hospital and paid her emergency bill of more than $7000 after he knew that the women had no insurance to cover the bills.

Some Facts about Her Mother

Isabella Jane Cruise mother Nicole Kidman was Tom Cruise’s second wife, however Cruise was her first husband. She was born in Hawaii back in June 20, 1967. Although she is Australian, she was not born in her home country. Her mother and father gave birth to her when they were in Hawaii for work. They did not move back to Australia until she was three years old.

She started her career in early days by doing music videos. Additionally she does most of her signing and stunts by herself. She broke her rib while doing a dance in the movie Moulin Rouge. The movie was halted until she recovered from the injury.

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