Hayes Grier Height Real Name and Girlfriend

Hayes Grier is an American Internet personality and brother of another famous Internet sensation Nash Grier. He became famous from vine, six seconds video sharing website which evolved back in 2013. In this article, we will discuss more about Hayes Grier height and Hayes Grier Real Name. Additionally we will also try out to dig out the relationship rumors and try to know more about Hayes Grier girlfriend.

Hayes was born on June 8, 2000 and is more than two and half years younger than his brother Nash who was born in December, 1997. He was born in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Hayes Grier Height

He is the third child of four in their family. His older brother Will is quarterback at West Virginia University. Along with his brother Nash Grier, he has a half sister Skylynn Floyd who is also a vine celebrity. She has more than 1.3 million followers on vine, 200 thousand followers on YouTube.

Hayes Grier’s father was Chad Grier and his mother is Elizabeth Grier. Elizabeth left Chad and married to Johnnie Floyd who is the father of his half sister Skylynn Floyd.

Hayes Grier Height

Hayes Grier Real Name

Hayes Grier Net Worth

Hayes Grier Wiki

Hayes Grier Age

Hays Grier Girlfriend

Hayes Grier Height

Nash Grier is an average height celebrity. While his brother is 6 feet high, he is 5 feet and 9 inches, while he has some age to grow even taller.

Nash Grier’s height is more than what average people are. However his age suggests that he could grow even taller because men grow till the age of 23, there is some more time for him to grow. His body weight is 70 kilograms which is perfect weight when compared to his age and height.

Hayes Grier Net Worth

Nash Grier’s management company is 25 management which looks after his financial issues and tries to deal with his management parts including professional contracts and all. As similar to his brother, he went on tour in different cities in United States to meet and greet fans, which could have been one of the first professional contracts in his life.

Nash Grier Net Worth : $1 Million

Hayes Grier Wiki

Hayes Grier was born in 2000, June 8 to Chad Grier and Elizabeth Grier. His parents separated and both his father and mother married separately. He has a half sister with his mother who is also a vine celebrity and has more than million fans on vine.

Hayes is one of the famous viners in the planet. He has more than 4 million followers on his official vine account. It was vine that made him famous. Additionally he is an active person in social media with more than 5.5 million followers on his Instagram account. He also has more than 3.5 million followers on his official Twitter account.

Hayes Grier

Hayes Grier Age

Hayes was born in North Carolina in June 8, 2000 which makes his age 16 years old at the time this article is written. He is two and half years old younger than his brother. He celebrates his birthday on June 8.

Hayes Grier Age : 16 years old

Hayes Grier Girlfriend

There are many rumors about the vine star as he has been spotted many times with different girls. He was in relationship with Jordan Griffis but eventually broke up. Later after the breakup, they fought over Twitter which Hayes called upon her idea to get attention.

Hayes first posted a picture of him with Justin Bieber. Later Jordan Griffis Tweeted that Hayes was not worth to take a picture with Justin Bieber. Eventually the Tweet caught Hayes’ attention to which he replied that she was trying to pick up attention.

Hayes Grier Real Name

There are many celebrities who use a different name than that of their real name as their stage name. Like KSI, who has a different name but he is popular with his stage name, Hayes Grier is his real name. However his full name is Benjamin Hayes Grier.

Hayes Grier Facts

Here are some of his facts other than Hayes Grier height, his real name, girlfriend’s name or so on.

Hayes Grier was spotted with a girl on his lap. Although he has not publicly said that it was his girlfriend or not, the photo was released through someone’s snapchat account.

His brother Nash updated his followers that he was hospitalized because of a dirt bike accident. The accident was not very major as he could move and talk, however he lost lots of blood. He suffered a broken rib, but eventually recovered.

He has stated that his brother is his role model. These two have worked together in different occasion including meet and greet tour. Additionally Hayes along with his brother Nash and Cameron Dallas started their own line of clothing.

He has a pet dog name Zan and he often pictures himself with Zan on different social media.

He appeared in Dancing With The Stars in 2015 and was partnered with Emma Slater. They pair eliminated and they finished eighth in the show after competing for more than seven weeks.

He enjoys sports and loved Florida Gators where his brother Will was a quarter back. He followed his brother Will’s path, he is a quarterback at his school’s team.

His father Chad is a football coach at the same school where Nash studied. Chad was worried about the fame that his children got with vine, but said that they were able to manage it.

He has a dark brown hair color with blue eye color.

Some Fans Message for Hayes Grier

Hayes Grier has lost of fan following, specially girls. We have collected some comments and fan message from around the word from their fans.

Carmela Sunny from Pennsylvania : Hi Hayes, I am Carmela and I am great fan of yours. I even follow your brother Nash along with you. I love your height and your distinctive looks. I have more than 1000s of your photos printed and collect them. I would like to meet you some day and I hope I get that opportunity.

Arnandia from Dallas, Texas : Hello, I have been following you from your young age. You were too young and cute back then, but now you have grown into a tall handsome man. I wish you luch for your future and your career. I hope you will get into movie sometime.


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