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Eminem has always been very much supportive to his daughters. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers was born on December 25, 1995. As we all know, Eminem has three daughters, Hailie Scott, Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers. However his only biological daughter is Hailie. Both Alaina Mathers and Whitney were adopted but Eminem has full legal custody of all his three children.

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Every famous children is always proud of their famous parents, however there are only few who could be inspiration on their father’s success. Eminem is so much proud of his children that he has mentioned Hailie in his different songs, including, Hailie’s Song and Mockingbird.

Born: December 25, 1995 (age 20)
Education: Chippewa Valley High School (2014)
Parents: Eminem, Kimberly Anne Scott
Siblings: Alaina Marie Mathers, Whitney Scott Mathers

We first learned about Eminem’s daughter Hailie through his own songs. Her involvement on Eminem’s song prove his love towards his daughter is endless. Eminem and Kim, met when they were very young. Eminem was 15 years old and Hailie’s mother Kimberly Anne Scott was just 13.

When Kim was just 13 years old, she along with her Twin sister Dawn ran away from home and got a place in Eminem’s mother’s residence. The relationship started to get strong from that time. Although they were married only in 1999, when Eminem was 27 years old and his girlfriend Kim was 25 years old, they were in relationship from very young age. Even Hailie Jade Scott was born four years before the couple got themselves into matrimonial relationship.

Although Kimberly and Eminem were childhood friends and their relationship was from the early stages of their life, they could not keep themselves in stable relationship. After a long term affair and having a children together, they married in 1999. However the marriage did not last longer as they had to separate after two years of getting married.

Eminem, Kimberly and Dawn were all together as a friends and grew up together. They were all involved in drug abuse together. Eminem has admitted previously how hard it was for him to give up using drugs. Similarly Kim also was sober for a long time as they were able to give up using drugs. However Kim’s twin sister Dawn was dead due to overdose. Although Eminem, Kim and Dawn were good friends from the beginning, later they stopped taking care of Dawn as her addictive nature was getting worse everyday. She was taking any kind of drugs that she could have got her hands on.

After Hailie Jade Scott’s parents got separated in 2001, they were in a close relationship. They again got remarried in 2006, however this time, the marriage did not last longer than three months. They were again separated from their married life after three months of getting married for the second time. Kim was provided with money and houses, however she got in a car accident which she later claimed to be a suicide attempt. When asked, she said it was the loneliness which caused her to attempt suicide. She said she had enough money to buy her kids anything they would wanted, however it was loneliness in her life because of which she decided to die.

 Hailie Jade Scott Sisters

Although Hailie was Eminem’s only biological daughter, he has adopted two other children and taken legal custody of them. He has given them his names and loves them as much as he does to his biological children.

Aliana Marie Mathers  : Aliana is the eldest daughter of Eminem in terms of date of birth. She was born on May 3, 1993 in the United States. Aliana’s mother was Dawn Scott who gave her biological birth. However for better future of Aliana, Dawn’s twin sister Kimberly and Eminem decided to adopt the child. Eminem has all the legal custody of Aliana and he has given her his name.

Whitney Scott Mathers : Eminem was in an on and off relationship with Kim. While the couple got married in 1999 and got divorced two years later, Kim was in relationship with another person. Whitney was born on April 16, 2002 from Kim and her other relationship. So Eminem is not biological father of Whitney Scott. After few years of getting divorce with Kim, Eminem got closer to his childhood love. This was the reason why they got remarried again in 2006. At that time, Eminem took legal custody of Whitney and adopted her as his third children. Whitney is the youngest children in the family.

Father Eminem’s facts

Beside a popular singer and song writer, Eminem is a great father. He has been able to maintain his life with his children. Although Eminem and Kim are legally separated, they are very close to each other as they believed this would help to create a proper youthful environment to their children including Hailie Jade Scott. Here are some lesser known facts about the 8 mile actor Eminem that you might be interested on.

Eminem was bullied during his childhood. As a kid, he was tortured by his friends a senior. One time, the condition was so worse that his mother sued the school for not being able to protect his children.

Eminem was offered the lead role in 2013 science fiction movie Elysium. He was very much interested to get himself in the role and every other agreement were met expect one which was the main reason for the agreement to not go through. Eminem asked that the movie should be filmed on his hometown, which the directors refused.

Hailie is a beautiful girl and she is Eminem’s only biological daughter. She was mentioned several time on her father’s son which makes people curious about her. She is grown up, beautiful and soon will get her own life. Her relationship with her other sisters Alaina and Whitney is fabulous as Eminem has been able to become a good father to all of his three children. Hailie has an official twitter account with about 4000 followers but the content on the social media account is private which means she does not like to be on fame or in media. She could use her beauty and her father’s fame to get herself in Hollywood or something what she wants to do in her life.

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