Top 10 fun facts about human body

A human body is unique and is capable of doing several things. However, it has many limitations too. There are some totally amazing and parts about humans. Here, we list all these facts in our list of Top 10 fun facts about humans:

Humans are quite unique

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A human body is unique than you really think. Fingerprints are often used to verify one’s unique identity. But, there are other parts of our body that are totally different than others. They include Iris, Ear, Lip Print, Tongue, Toe print, Teeth, and Retina. Even in identical twins, these body parts are unique. Several agencies are already using Iris and Retina scans for identification verification. Similarly, teeth and ear scans are on their way of being used by crime departments to match or search results. Won’t it be fun showing your teeth out to verify your identity?


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