Flynn Christopher Bloom – Miranda and Orlando’s Son

Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom have a son together whose name is Flynn Christopher Bloom. His mother Miranda Kerr is an Australian model, and Miranda Kerr’s estimated net worth is around $31 Million. His father Orlando Bloom is UK born Actor and film producer. His parents married in 2010 and then divorced in 2013.

Flynn Christopher Bloom was born in January 6, 2011. He was born healthy while his mother was 27 years old. By the time of his birth, he was 9lb 12 ounces.

His full name is Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, the middle name Christopher was a tribute to Miranda Kerr’s ex-boyfriend who died after the two years relationship. She has told that the name was a tribute to her ex boyfriend Christopher Middlebrook, after God took her tragically from her. They were in about two years relationship before he died.

Flynn Christopher bloom

In the image above, Flynn Christopher bloom is pictured on his daddy’s arm. He sees restless when he accompanied his father in Hollywood walk of fame induction back in April 2014.

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Some Flynn Christopher Bloom facts

He is the son of popular model Miranda Kerr and father Orlando Bloom.

Flynn was born in January 6, 2011 in the United States. He was born in Los Angeles and his grandparents from his mother flew from Australia to be present there during the time of his birth.

The ‘Christopher’ in his middle name was a tribute to Miranda Kerr’s ex-boyfriend who died early. Miranda said that his husband Orlando Bloom was a nice guy and was okay to use her ex’s name on their son’s middle name.

Flynn was a name inspired by Orlando’s late grandmother Evelyn

His parents married in July, 2011, a year back before he was brought into this world.

Flynn was born while his father was 33 years old and his mother 27. According to the Australian supermodel, she did not use any pain relief medication despite the labor was long and painful.

breastfeeding Flynn Bloom

The picture above is the first public appearance for Flynn Christopher Bloom as their parents Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom reveal the breastfeeding baby publicly for the first time. The photo was taken by Flynn Bloom’s father and his beautiful mother is pictured without any make up, still naturally beautiful.

His father bought a $2.7 Million luxury bachelor pad back in 2007, however he met Miranda and married her in 2010.

Some Facts about his mother

His mother is Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel and second richest supermodel only after Gisele Bundchen.

The Sydney born supermodel is the first Australian Victoria Secret Model.

Kerr met Orlando in 2007 and married in 2010. She had a son Flynn Bloom with him. The couple divorced in 2013 and she has been rumored to date Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber. However in interviews she says that she is single.

Later in 2015, she started dating Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, and then the couple decided to make their love official and got engaged, making the relationship public. It is learned that she was first proposed by Evan, a year after they met in 2014. The couple later made the love public and also bought a $12 Million house in Los Angeles.

She was 33 and Evan was 26 when they got engaged. Miranda has explained that despite his fiancee was younger than her, he acted matured and was way over his age when it came about family, relationship and maturity.

She began modelling at the age of 13. She is very fond of racing bikes and horses as she has said that she had rode many horses back in her childhood at farms.

She studied health psychology and nutrition, so had her carrier failed as a model, she could have another respectful alternative to her career.

Miranda has said in an interview that she took about 2-4 teaspoon of coconut oil everyday, which could be the reason for her beautiful skin and supermodel figure. She says she puts coconut oil in salads and even in cup of tea.

She is a Christian and not Buddhist despite of different rumors which claims that she is a Buddhists. However she has said in an interview with the Telegraph that she practices meditation everyday and does yoga. She says that she is not religious but spiritual, which are two different things.

Some Facts about his father

Flynn Christopher Bloom father’s name is Orlando Bloom. He was born in 13 January, 1977 in Kent, England.

He is an actor and a film producer who has acted as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. He has also played a brief role in Black Hawk Down.

Although Orlando previously believed that his biological father was his mother’s actual husband who died when he was four years old. However later when he was 13 years old, his mother revealed that his actual father was Colin Stone, his mother’s partner.

His mother was born in Calcutta, India, to a physician father who was in service during her birth.

Once he had fight with Justin Bieber who was dating Miranda. These two had a media war as Justind said that Orlando was a b***h. reported that Orlando along with his son Flynn Christopher Bloom spent all day with Katy Perry. They were linked with each other as they have been found hanging out several times.

Katy Perry and Flynn Bloom

The above picture is Flynn Bloom carried by Katy Perry when Flynn, Orlando and Katy spent all day together.

Bloom had a habit of smoking which he quit in 2002. Leaving smoking caused his habit of biting his nails instead.

He had a relation with Kate Bosworth, an American actress and model. The relationship was on-and-off which lasted from 2003 until 2006. Later in 2007, he met Miranda Kerr and was in relation which turned into marriage in 2010, followed by the birth of fat and healthy Flynn Bloom in 2011.

He supports English Football club, Manchester United.

Flynn was born healthy and his parents were happier together at the time he was born. However his parents started living separated and divorced almost after two years of his birth. Flynn is living his life together under the care of his mother Miranda, however he gets love from his father. She has a new house in LA where she usually swims with her son Flynn Bloom in a pool which has speakers. The mother and son love to listen to the music when they swim.

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