Five Highest Paid Nepali Actors

Anmol KC : Estimated Average Per Movie (6 Lakhs Nepalese Rupees , $6000)

Anmol KC Net Worth : $30,000

Anna Anmol KC

Anmol KC with Anna Sharma, there are rumors around but Anmol has never spoken about his girlfriend.

21, but with lots of craze, Anmol KC is most trending and highest earning actor in Nepal. He has been paid 10 Lakhs Nepalese rupees in the movie Gajulu which is about the Kumari in Nepal, the payroll in the movie Gajalu makes him the highest paid Nepalese actor in Nepal.

Beign son to Bhuwan KC, Anmol had blood on acting and always was interested in entertainment, sports and acting rather than studies, as his father has mentioned many times in different interviews.

Anmol started his career in super hit movie Hostel, followed by his success in Jerry that not only built stratum, but also accelerated the pay roll of the 21 years old actor, who was born in Kathmandu Nepal.

The 6 ft man has been able to attract many youths because of his style, and his fan’s craziness towards him has been able to attract them to multiplex which has convienced producers to pay almost double of what they pay to other Nepali actors.

Conclusion : This was the list based on different interviews, news cuts and recent gossips in Nepalese film markets. Comment below on what you think about the article or if you have anything to improve in this list.

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