Five Highest Paid Nepali Actors

Daya Hang Rai

DayaHang Rai : Estimated Average Per Movie (4 Lakhs Nepalese Rupees , $4000)

Dayahang Rai Net Worth : $70,000

Daya Hang

One of the versatile actor in Nepal, DayaHang is considered to be the greatest figure in Nepalese film industry at present. His acting always gets praise and he has already won two national awards for supporting actor role.

DayaHang has struggled a long way back to earn his current stratum in Nepalese movie industry. He started his career in acting from live Theaters, possibly leading to some small roles in Television serials. Later he got his first major start in a feature film started by Ram Babu Gurung in Anagarik.

Besides acting, he is a director and a play writer. He has written some of the dialogues in the famous Nepali movie Loot. He found success in movies like Dashdhunga, Loot, Chhadke, Jholey, etc which has increased his pay rise to the peak of his career.

He is expected to earn around 4-5 lakhs on every movie he has acted.

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