Five Highest Paid Nepali Actors

Nepalese actors are having a good time with betterment of Nepalese movie industry. In This article, we will discuss highest paid Nepali actors and their possible salaries.

Nepalese movies are all but improving with time and has reached a certain milestone where the actors, producers, directors and all other involved in the Nepalese movie industry could fearlessly follow their passion even in Nepal. The movie industry has grown since the introduction of Nepalese movie Loot, which is considered to be the revolutionary milestone in the Nepalese movie industry.

Today, Nepalese movies are eagerly waited and people count down the release date of the movies, waiting desperately for show time of the movie. Movies like Kalo PothiĀ recently has been a hit recently and we could see how they are using social media and video sites like YouTube for promotions.

The movies like Nai na bhannu la are proving to collect more and more income with their sequels being released more often. The improvement on Nepalese movies and fan’s interest not only have benefited the producers but it has also helped actors increase their values recently in the market.

Here we discuss probable five actors in Nepalese actors who could be the highest paid actors in Nepal. The list below is an estimated lists based on the popularity of the actors along with the hints provided in the interviews and media coverage of the actors.

Aryan Sigdel

Aryan Sigled : Estimated Average Per movie (3 Lakhs Nepalese Rupees , $3,000)

Aryan Sigdel Net Worth : $95,000

Aryan Sigdel

Born on 1984, the Surkhet born actor has starred in more than 30 Nepalese movies. Aryan who started his movie career in 2007 has given some hit movies like Mero Euta Saathi chha and November Rain.

The fact that November rain could be a super hit movie in 2014 and could gross a huge amount of box office collection means Aryan saw an improved income on his later movies. However, he started at a comparable low cost back in 2007 which harms his average revenue. Aryan now may be paid anywhere from 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs for every movie he does in present and is fifth in our list.


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