Ten Famous Viners of All Time With Best Videos

Ever since the launch of Vine in June 2012, people are using six seconds videos to share comedy, magic, entertainment, pranks and many stuffs that gets lots of attention. While some stars are going on crazy with the service, people are making their livings and some are getting name with the help of video. In addition to YouTube videos, some famous viners use the short video sharing sites to get to more audience. Based on their followers, fame, popularity and estimated earnings, we rank top ten famous viners of all time.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a vine star with original name Jenna Nicole Mourey. She is a comedy vlogger, an actress and also a YouTube personality. Her YouTube Channel was seventh most subscribed channel and the most subscribed channel of a women.

She is an American celebrity who was born in New York back in September 15, 1986. With 2.2 million followers in vine, she makes it to the list because of her popularity in YouTube which follows more than 16 Million subscription to her channel.

Followers in Vine : 2.2 Million

Followers in YouTube : 16 Million

Followers in Twitter : 4.1 Million

Followers in Instagram : 4.1 Million

Followers in Facebook : 2.1 Million

She has more than 4 million followers in Twitter almost same amount of followers in Instagram, more than 2 Million followers in Facebook which makes her one of the famous viners due to her popularity even out of vine videos.

Beside video and stuffs, she is also an entrepreneur as she has her own brands of dogs toys. The appeareance of the dogs are based on the real looks of her dogs. She has a proper education as she appeared Brighton high school before she graduated in Boston from Suffolk University. Later, she completed Masters in Education from Boston University.

If she was not a popular star celebrity, she would have chosen Sport Psychology and Counseling as her career which is her major of masters from the Boston University.

Alx James – One of the Famous viner

Alx James in another popular vine celebrity who has more than 8 million followers in Vine. Although he has a strong profile in Vine, his profile in other social media is not as strong as other celebrities who make this list. This is why it puts up so early in the list of famous viners.

Followers in Vine: 8.1 Million

Followers in YouTube : 920 thousands

Followers in Twitter : 442 thousands

Followers in Instagram : 961 thousands

Followers in Facebook : 160 thousands

Alx James Net Worth : $500,000

James was born in North Carolina and was raised in a farm. He has a brother and a sister. He came out as a gay on his YouTube video in 2015 and the video was viewed more than 400,000 times. He is in an open relationship with Justin Hughes.

He was a good volleyball player and competed in Junior Volleyball Olympic team. Later he was also offered scholarship to play volleyball in college, however he chose entertainment as his career.

Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes

Shawn Mendes is Canadian singer and songwriter who is mostly popular for his cover videos. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in August 8, 1998. His full name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes and plays guitar while he sings.

Shawn caught attention from his followers after he started to learn guitar by himself and posted some videos on vine. He learned guitar on his own with the help of YouTube videos. His mother is a real state agent, while his father is a businessman who deals with bar and restaurant supplies on his city.

Followers in Vine: 4.8 Million

Followers in YouTube : 1.6 Million

Followers in Twitter : 7.71 Million

Followers in Instagram : 14.7 Million

Followers in Facebook : 5.1 Million

Shawn has a good number of followers which brings him on the list of famous viners. He has more than 4.8 million followers in vine and exceeds 1.6 million followers in YouTube where he mostly uploads cover songs.

Beside entertainment and celebrity lifestyle, Shawn is also very much engaged to social activities on his teen age. Only 16 years old then, back in 2014, Shawn launched a campaign with DoSomething.org which helped to collect more than $25,000 that was used to build a school in Ghana.

Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny was born in 1991 in Pittsburgh and is a fitness personality, television figure and a vine star who has a strong presence in social media with more than 4.7 million followers in vine, exceeding 1 million subscribers on YouTube, over 9 million followers in Instagram and 5.8 Million Facebook fans.

She has an estimated net worth of $3 Million which she made from different endorsement deals and monetizing from her YouTube channel.

Followers in Vine: 4.7 Million

Followers in YouTube : 1 Million

Followers in Twitter :640 thousands

Followers in Instagram : 9.1 Million

Followers in Facebook : 5.8 Million

Amanda was linked with Justin Bieber, who is three years smaller than her age. These two were seen together where Amanda sang a song from Guns and roses and danced without any hesitation, while Justin Bieber joined her and these two danced together. Although those are just rumors, there is not any concrete evidence of her relationship, while she has been linked with some other celebrities at times.

Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart in an American viner, born in June 20, 1996. He has a large number of followers with more than 6 million followers in vine, over 1.8 Million YouTube subscribers, more than 280 thousand followers in Twitter and over 8 million fans on Facebook.

Followers in Vine : 6 Million

Followers in YouTube : 1.8 Million on VLog channel and another 750 thousand follower in other channel.

Followers in Twitter : 281 thousand followers

Followers in Instagram : 3.1 Million

Followers in Facebook : 8.7 Million

Lance Stewart is best known for his prank videos and vlogs which he usually shares with his family. On his one popular vlog, he has gifted his dad a dream car, and his father’s reaction was priceless.

Lance Stewart is very much open about his girlfriend as he has revealed his girlfriend on his vlogs. The name of his girlfriend is Lizzy.

 Curtis Lepore

Curtis Lepore is an American actor, musician and an internet celebrity who was born in New York in 1983. He has more than 9.4 million followers on his official vine account which marks his presence in the list of famous viners.

He was first a front man on his hometown band which he joined in 2009. He then left the band in 2012 and started to do his solo works.

He was in relationship with his girlfriend Jessi Smiles, however later ho got into controversy as Smiles accused Curtis of trying to rape her while she was asleep early due to concussion.

Followers in Vine: 9.4 Million

Followers in YouTube : 180 thousands

Followers in Twitter : 698 thousands

Followers in Instagram : 3.2 Million

Followers in Facebook : 8.1 Million

According to Jessi, she felt concussion during a shoot of her vine and allowed her ex boyfriend Curtis to take care of her. She felt asleep then and that was the time when alleged rape took place. However the rape charges were taken down after he plead guilty of assaulting her.

Jerome Jarre

Jerome Jarre is a vine star and a French Entrepreneur who was born in June 12, 1990. He started to post videos on vine after he invested in several businesses in China and Canada. Thereafter, due to his success and popularity on vine, he left his business just to focus on his uploads and stratum.

Later Jerome started co-founded GrapeStory, an agency that would help the vine stars to meet up investors to monetize videos on vine.

Followers in Vine: 8.6 Million

Followers in YouTube : 1 Million

Followers in Twitter : 1.3 Million

Followers in Instagram : 1.8 Million

Followers in Facebook : 2.1 Million

He was born in France, and moved to China after he was dropped out at the age of 19. Then he stayed in China for almost a year where he learned English and Chinese and also funded different startup in China. One of his business in China was successful and he used the money to move to Canada and startup a software company there. He learned about the launch of vine while he was in Canada and opened an account there. Once he started to get popular, he left his business to focus on vine.

He started a snapchat account while he had 7 million subscribers in Vine. Once he remained outside Snapchat office and tweeted, “Hey Snapchat, I am outside your office. Let me in if you see this”, using a hashtag which trended number 1 in the United States and United Kingdom. Snapchat was forced to let him in, where he created a snapchat story with CEO.

Brittany Furlan

Brittany Furlan is a popular vine celebrity with more than 9.9 million followers in vine. Although she has lesser follower in YouTube and twitter, she is one of the most followed celebrity in vine. She has more than 2 million follower in Instagram and over 1.8 million Facebook fans.

Furlan was born in Pennsylvania, United States in September, 1986. She is an internet personality best know for posting six seconds video on vine with comic.

Followers in Vine: 9.9 Millions

Followers in YouTube : 268 thousands

Followers in Twitter :355 thousands

Followers in Instagram : 2.1 Million

Followers in Facebook : 1.8 Million

She was the most followed female celebrity in Vine until November, 2015. She was also declared one of the most influential people in the internet. She also has starred in a song by Pitbull which was released in 2014.

Nash Grier

Nash was born in North Carolina, in the United States back in December 28, 1997. Mostly known for his presence in vine, he has more than 12.8 million subscribers in six second video sharing platform.

He has two brother and a younger half sister whom his mother has with her current husband. His father , who is also his manager left his mother after the birth of his youngest brother. He is second child, after his elder brother. His younger brother Hayes Grier also posts vine videos and has over 4.4 million followers in vine, including an additional 5.5 million followers in Instagram.

Followers in Vine: 12.8 Millions

Followers in YouTube : 4.8 Million

Followers in Twitter :5.73 Million

Followers in Instagram : 9.6 Million

Followers in Facebook : 3.6 Million

He was a freshman in college when the video sharing app, vine was released. He then soon started to use the app to post it for friends and classmates until he was amazed to get a wider fan base.

His career made a turn soon after he become famous in Vine. After getting viral and famous in vine, Nash joined a group which would tour and meet the fans. There were multiple shows in the major cities of the United States where he collaborated with different other celebrities including Shawn Mendes.

King Bach – The Famous Viner

King Back famous viners

King Bach tops the list of famous viners as he is the person with most number of subscribers in vine.

Kind Bach tops the list with more than 16.2 million followers in vine. Additionally he has more than 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, 1.78 million followers in Twitter, 10.3 Million followers in Instagram and over 8 million fans on Facebook. He is the most followed person on vine.

His real name is Andrew B. Bachelor and he was born in Los Angeles, California. He studied at the Florida State University where he was a high jump athlete at his university . He is also an actor, director and a comedian better known from his videos on vines and YouTube.

He was born to Jamaican parents, both of whom were accountants. Despite of his birth in California, his parents moved to Florida when he was two years old. His parents were strict and they raised him in Christian household. He enrolled in graduate program at New York film department, but later dropped out and moved back to Los Angeles to discover more options in his life. It was his choice that made him the famous viner of all time.

Followers in Vine: 16.2 Million

Followers in YouTube : 1 Million

Followers in Twitter :1.78 Million

Followers in Instagram : 10.3 Million

Followers in Facebook : 8.4 Million

He has earned more than 16 million followers with more than six billion loops. He claims that he has been asked to post sponsored vines but refused every offers.

So, this was the list of the famous viners based on their social media status. The most influential metrics to rank these was the number of followers in vine. Meanwhile social media followers, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and twitter were also taken into consideration to estimate the popularity.

Do you have anyone who you think has missed the list ? Please comment below.


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