Marshall Mathers – Eminem Net Worth and Filmleri

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly and professionally knows as Eminem is an American rapper , songwriter and record producer turned actor from Detroit. He had a harsh Childhood which is pictured on his filmleri (8 Mile) which will be discussed later on the topic Eminem filmleri.

Eminem spent most of his life in lower middle class black Detroid neighborhood. His passion and interest on rap, which was previously only considered to be ‘black men’s’ thing has helped him build an empire which meets his almost $250 Million Eminem Net Worth as of 2016.

Eminem Early Life and Wiki

Eminem was born to Marshall Bruce Mathers, and Deborah Rae Nelson on October, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. His father was commonly known as Bruce and his mother popularly or commonly known as Debbie. His parents met when his mother was only 14 and she gave birth to Eminem on a 72 hours of labor pain which almost took life out of Debbie. His parents played together in a band before Bruce left Debbie and his family and moved to California.

eminem Net worth

Eminem Perforforming stage to add up on his net worth

His mother Debbie has been saying that Eminem, during his childhood sent letter to his father, all returned marked ‘return to the sender’. His friends remember him as a happy and a lonely Child , often bullied by others. He was a ninth grade dropped out and had an interest on English but loathed maths and social studies. He was involved in different rap battles and formed a band ‘M&M’ which later revolved as Eminem.

It was a difficult case for him to succeed as a rapper in a black society as a white guy, however he was appreciated and praised by an audience in underground hip hop. He was popular for writing songs that rhymed, despite they had little meaning, it was truly loved by the audiences. Later on when he gained popularity and reputation, he was recruited by several groups, one of which included Soul Intent who released their singles on 1995.

Eminem married to Kimberly Anne Scott and has three Children with her. Although he married her on 1999, the relation only lasted for two years until they divorced in 2001. However, the couple decided to get back together back in 2006, however the re-marriage lasted no longer even for a year.

Eminem Filmleri

Eminem was featured on a movie called 8 mile, that pictured the life of Eminem as a youngster who struggled in all aspects of his life and trying to make big out of his life.

The movie was released on 2002 and the total estimated budget of the movie was expected to be around $40 Million. The first weekend box office collection of the movie was around $50 Million and the movie has estimated collection over $120 million with an average rating of 7.0 on IMDB.

Eminem in eight mile filmleri

Eminem in eight mile filmleri

Eminem turned out to be a great actor on his Filmleri as he kept the viewers interesting through out the whole movie, gaining an emotional attachment among the fans with the help of the movie.

Although the movie is not exactly inspired by the life of Eminem, which Eminem has himself admitted in an interview. However the movie somehow related with the rapper himself including ‘8 Mile’ , the place where he lived.

It was his acting debut and he said that he took the movie because the script was incredible. Eminem has said that the movie gave him different level of inspiration.

He has given music on different movies and has been involved as an executive producer of different movies. Additionally, the 2015 super hit movie Southpaw was expected to star Eminem, while he has explained that he could not take the role because of his busy scheduling issues as a result of his exercise on albums.

Facts About Eminem

His first album made only 1000 copies of sales, while his ‘The Slim Shady LP’ made a whooping sales of over 18 Million copies. Later on, his album ‘recovery’ was the best selling album in 2010.

Eminem was bullied by his friends while he was on school. Eventually his mother sued his school in 1982.

He is a school dropped out and he failed three times in ninth grade before he dropped out from his studies.

Once a man broke into Eminem’s house and did not steal anything, instead made a peanut butter jelly.

Once he hid his Arviex jacket under his hotel bed, just in order to hide it from his manager, who would see the purchase of being financially irresponsible.

No doubt, Eminem is talented composer and songwriter, a part of which has been reflected in the movie 8 Mile. He was popular for his rhymes on the rap battles. It took him 30 seconds to write the hook for ‘Just Lose It’.

Eminem did not keep up good company with the law, back when he was 20, he was involved in a case for paintball shooting. Later the victim did not show up in the court and eventually the case was dropped. The part of this was also pictured on his movie 8 mile where he pains a Cop Car with a paintball gun, the cop car chases Eminem and friends but he succeed to tackle and hide over the chasing cop car.

Eminem once refused to sing at Oscar.

Eminem has won a total of 13 Grammies and is also in the Guinness Book of world record for the most successive US number 1 albums by a solo artist.

He is really dedicated for his work and gives best when it comes to professional career. He has himself said in an interview that he worked much harder on his debut movie 8 Mile. He also has said that he read dictionary a lot of time just in order to get lyrical idea for his songs.

Eminem is a victim of drug addiction. He once has taken up to 60 valium and 30 vicodin pills a day. He has reduced his touring as he believes tours triggers his narcotics habits.

Taylor Swift is big hip hop fan and she has admitted her interest to collaborate with Eminem in future to release a new song.

Eminem has been falsely reported dead couple of times, including four rumors of a car crash accident death and one drug overdose death.

The fact has been pretty clear that Eminem was bullied very often in school for which his mother sued in school. He was also severely beaten at the age of nine for which the hip hop star went on for coma for several weeks.

Sliptalk mentioned that he does not know how to use a computer.

Eminem has announced that he does not want to marry and have Children again. This could come as a bad information for some ladies.

Eminem Net Worth

Eminem is certainly one of the richest rapper in the history. He has been popular because of his hip hops and has many fan followings. He has over 91 Million fans on Facebook, and his popularity has been overwhelming which could be seen after the release of new albums that makes history. His income mostly comes through albums and royalties in addition with endorsements, productions and live performances and tours.

Eminem Net Worth : $200 Million


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