Emily Beth Stern – Daughter would not date due to Howard

Ever wondered why a father would keep his daughter off from dating ? The case is something with Emily Beth Stern who is Howard Stern’s daughter. Although it was not somehow directly related with Howard Stern that he stopped his daughter Emily Stern from dating men, but his behavior and after divorce relationships with other women caused her not to think about dating men.

Emily Stern

Howard Stern is a famous television personality and radio celebrity. He is an author, producer and an actor. He has three children and has married two times on his life. All of his three children were from his first wife Alison Berns.

His three daughters are

Emily Beth Stern : She is the eldest daughter in the family. She was born on May 7, 1983 and she is three years older than her first younger sister Deborah. Emily is single and she has practiced Orthodox Judaism.

Ashley Jade Stern : She is the youngest children in the family. Her sisters Deborah Jennifer Stern and Emily Stern have decent age difference than her. She was born on January 24, 1993 which makes her 10 years younger than her senior sister Emily and seven years smaller than Deborah. She was born six years before her parents decided to get separated. She was just eight years old when her parents were legally divorced. It might have certainly effected Ashley psychologically because as a child, she would expect to get the love of both her parents, not the conflict.

Deborah Jennifer Ttern : Deborah Stern is the second children from Howard Stern and Alison Berns. She was born three years after the eldest children in the family was born. She is three years younger than her elder sister and seven years younger than Ashley. Deborah was born on May 9, 1986 and she was thirteen years old when her parents decided to stay separate. For a growing girl at her teens, her parenting might have got affected after her parents’ decision to stay away.

Why Howard Stern kept her away from dating ?

Although it was not directly that Howard Stern has influenced her away from dating guys, the 33 years old single daughter and the elder one in the family has not dated a guy. She tells New York Post that she did not date any guy because of her father’s emphasis on sexuality. Due to Howard Stern’s involvement in different relationship after getting away with her mother, Emily says it was that what kept her away from dating people.

Emily has practiced Orthodox Judaism. She wore a knee high skirt while in an interview with New York post which proves that she is completely opposite from Howard Stern who is much more involved in different relationships and controversies.

Howard Allan Stern married Alison Berns in 1978 and they had three children together, including Emily Beth Stern which was the first in the family. After 23 years of marriage and having three children together, Stern and Berns got divorced. Although the divorce was admitted officially in 2001, they started divorce in 1999. One of the main reason of divorce may be the fact that Howard was in relationship with other celebrities. His fame and stratum might have caused his intention to look after other girls. Although there is not any perfect fact about this claim, Howard himself says that he has not any clue why he divorced with his wife.

Stern says that he has not got any clue why he divorced with his wife and it was very hard for him to cope up with the divorce. Although Emily claims that her mother reentering the work might have caused him uncomfortable and which could have been the reason why he decided to leave his wife.

Howard Stern has been through different relationships and he has been linked with different celebrities after getting divorce with his wife. Although he claims that it was very much difficult for him to cope up with divorce, he was already in relationship after separating from his wife, mother of his three children. Stern was later married to Beth Ostrosky in 2008, seven years after getting divorce from his first wife. The couple started to see each other back in 2007, while he was engaged to Beth in 2007, seven years after being on a relationship. They married in 2008, almost exactly after one years getting engaged.

The After divorce effect

Marriage and divorce in Hollywood is quite common and when people get famous, they tend to be linked with different colleges and with their fans. This is intolerant to their partners, and then conflict start to begin. Although external affairs is not the only problem, as with Howard Stern and Alison Berns, Emily claimed that her mother’s decision to work again might had effected their relationship. Whatever the decision is for getting divorce, the adverse effect comes on children.

Deborah Stern

The eldest children in the family, Emily Beth Stern was sixteen years old when their parents started to decide that they should be living separately. Similarly Deborah was 13, old enough to understand the circumstances. Meanwhile Ashley was just seven years old when things stopped working out for her parents. Emily has clearly said that her father’s interest on sexuality has somehow effected her thoughts on relationship and that was why she decided not to date any men. Even at the age of 33, she is unmarried, practiced Orthodox Judaism, wears knee high clothes below what average girls of her age wears. While Emily was old enough to understand the situation between their parents and she was oldest among all, the circumstances has high effect on her life after her parent’s decision.

Younger children like Deborah, or smaller child like Alison might have different psychological effect because of their parent’s separation. This has an adverse effect on children, so parents must think twice, or even more time when they decide to stay away. They should understand that it is not only about them but about their children and their future.

Although Alison Berns was married to David Scott Simon later and Howard had his life settled with Beth, the effect would be on their children after their divorce.

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