Deborah Jennifer Stern – Howard Stern Daughter

Howard Stern has married twice in his life, while his first marriage has gifted him three children. Deborah Jennifer Stern is Howard Stern’s second daughter from his ex-wife Alison Stern.

Deborah Stern

Howard Stern Daughter

Emily Beth Stern

Emily Beth Stern is the eldest daughter in the family. She was born on 1983 and is three years older than Deborah Jennifer Stern. She has admitted that her father Howard Stern’s sexuality character has put her off from men. She says she rarely goes on date and sees any men because of her father who got divorce from her mother after 21 years of relationship and soon after several months started to see women again.

Ashley Jade Stern

Ashley Jane Stern is the youngest girl in the family and the third child from Howard and Alison Bern. She was born on January 24 1993, which was almost six years before their parents started to feel that they should be living separately. Ashley is the youngest daughter in the family and she is 10 years younger than the eldest daughter Emily and seven years younger than Deborah Jennifer Stern. Ashley, including her sisters were very much in shock when their parents divorced because they thought that their parents were in love before they separated. They are still very much of a good friends despite they have a different life together, Alison being married for the second time since 2001 and Howard in another marriage for more than eight years now.

Deborah Jennifer Stern

Deborah was born on May 9 , 1986 and is the second children of famous Television personality Howard Stern and his college sweetheart Alison Stern, who he married in 1978. Her father met Alison Bern, her mother in his college and they fell in love which was later turned into a marriage that lasted for 21 years.

The couple decided to live separately in 1999 and the divorce process started, while it was officially and legally completed in 2001 since when the couple started to live separately. Soon after the divorce, her mother Alison married to David Scott Simon in 2001. Meanwhile her father Howard Stern was in couple of relationships before he met Beth Ostrosky Stern in 2000. Howard and Beth were engaged only in 2007 and married in 2008, eight years after being in relationship.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Father Facts

Deborah’s father Howard Stern is a famous American Television personality who was born on January 12, 1954 and he is the second children in his house. His parents were Jewish and they were from Poland.

He had an interest and background in Politics as he ran for Governor of the New York back in 1994. Though later he removed his name from the nomination and backed George Pataki who ended up to win the election and become the 53rd governor of the New York City.

He was the judge of the famous reality show American Idol from the seventh season to the tenth Season. He was also in the list of Forbes’ list of richest television personality along with Simon Cowell.

Howard Stern has married twice in his life. The first marriage came with Alison Stern, who was his college sweetheart. The marriage ended up after 21 years and having three children including Deborah, while the second marriage Beth Ostrosky is an American actress. He married Beth in 2008 after more than eight years of affair. He is still married with her but does not have any children from his second marriage.

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