David Scott Simon – Alison Berns Husband

Love, crush, marriage and divorce are very common in Western culture and mostly with celebrities. David Scott Simon is somehow related to the celebrity world as he married Howard Stern’s ex wife.

After Alison Berns separated from Howard Stern in 1999, she married David Scott Simon two years after, couple of months after legally getting a divorce with American Radio and Television personality Howard Stern.

Alison Bern

Alison Berns and Howard Stern were married for 21 years before the couples separated in 1999. The couple had three daughters together after their marriage and their eldest daughter Emily Stern says that their parents were in love, but she did not know what caused the conflict that caused the separation. Alison and Howard had three daughters together, Emily Stern, Ashley Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern. The eldest of the daughters was Emily who was born on May 7, 1983.

After the separation Howard Stern admitted that end of his first marriage caused a lot of tremor on his life. He blew up with his life, he was not good looking after his children and his relationship with his ex-wife was even worse. He has admitted that he used sex in order to get him distracted from his first marriage.

Alison Berns Separation

The happily married couple were divorced after 21 years of relationship and having three children together. They were married back in 1978 when Howard was just 24 years old. The main reason of the end of the relation is still not sure by both the couples. Even after more than 15 years after living separately, Howard has admitted that he does not know the main reason for their divorce.

The divorce and conflict started in 1999 but it was court and settlement that took the amicable divorce until 2001.

Although Howard is not very sure about his divorce with Alison Berns, the eldest daughter Emily says that the misunderstanding increased when her mother Alison Stern started to get back to the work as psychoanalyst. Emily was just 16 years old when the couple decided to get divorce and stay separately.

Post Divorce – David Scott Simon

The post divorce life of Alison Berns was quite simple because she married David Scott Simon, two years after their separation. There were rumors that Alison Berns could have been in relationship with David Scott Simon during her first marriage which could have caused the divorce between Howard and his college sweetheart, but those were just rumors and there are not concrete evidence or reports of such incident.

While Alison Berns married David Scott Simon after her break up with her first husband, which seemed quite easy for her comparatively, it was not same for Howard. He admitted that it was very difficult for him to cope up with the divorce as a result he messed up with his children and ex-wife. Several months after his divorce he dated couple of girls, some celebrities. Almost one years after his divorce, he started dating Beth Ostrosky, who he was engaged with in 2007. Howard then married the American actress in 2008, more than 8 years after staying in relationship with her.


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