The marriage and divorce of Cindy Deangelis Grossman

Popularly known as the former wife of famous American footballer and mixed martial arts celebrity, Herschel Walker, Cindy Deangelis Grossman was married for more than 18 years with Herschel.

Cindy Grossman

Cindy was born in United States of America and she was married to Herschel Walker in 1983. She had one child with him and the name was Christian Walker. They divorced in 2002 after 19 years in marriage.

The Reason for Divorce

What could have been the reason that Cindy Grossman wanted a divorce with the famous American sportsperson ? This may be question that may arise in different people’s mind. Herschel had battled with multiple personality disorder. In this disease, people sometime assume them to have split personality. So there have been reports when Cindy Deangelis Grossman’s husband then tried to kill himself and his ex-wife due to his disease. This was one of the reason why Chindy wanted divorce with him.

Walker admitted that he suffered from the disease and once pointed gun towards his wife. Although he did not pull the trigger, it shot the relationship between then. Walker has now improving as he is in medication. His daily habits and routines have been improved and observed so that he could improve himself with his disease.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman Post Divorce

The life after divorce for Cindy is pretty fair and clear enough. They did not go any complications during their divorce. Herschel Walker was just 40 years old when they got divorce. Similarly Cindy was also a young girl who could have been in relationship then after. However both Herschel and Cindy did not marry for the second time and it is revealed that Cindy has not been in relationship ever since after separating with her first husband. Love life is often complicated in different cases like Marjorie Bridge’s case where she is the third husband of famous comedian Steve Harvey. Marjorie’s marriage with Steve is also her third marriage in her life. Instead in Cindy’s case, she did not marry with any one else after her divorce.

Cindy and Herschel had a children together and divorce also arise a question about the kid. There are complications on who would take the legal custody of the kid. In Cindy’s case, it was fair enough for her to keep the custody of her children Christian Walker. If she had to fight a law in order to get the custody of her children, she would have won because of her husband’s mental disorder. However there were no complications and the NFL legend let her to take care of their children. Christian has good relationship with his father and he often visits him.

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