Belle Kingston Aykroyd – Dan Aykroyd Children

Belle Kingston Aykroyd was born on June 9, 1993 and she is the second daughter among three from Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon. She was born in California.

Belle is Dan Akroyd second children. She has two other sisters, one elder than her and other younger than her. Stella Irene August Aykroyd is the youngest sister, meanwhile Danielle Aykroyd is the eldest one.

Dan Akyroyd Children

Belle Kingston Aykroyd father

Dan Akyroyd has three children and all of them are daughters. A brief details on his children are described below.

Danielle Aykroyd : Danielle Akroyd is the eldest children in the family. She was born on November 18, 1989 and appeared her education from Harvard university. She has also made a short debut as an actor in Coneheads. Having Hollywood background from her parents, she has already appeared in movie , making her start in the career as an actress.

Stella Irene August Aykroyd : Stella Irene August Aykroyd is the youngest children in the family. She was born in April 5, 1998 , making her the youngest children in the family.

Belle Kingston Aykroyd : She is the second children in the family, elder than Stella, however four years younger than her elder sister Danielle.

Belle Kingston Aykroyd Family members

Grand Parents

Samuel Peter Aykroyd : Samuel Peter Aykroyd is Belle Kingston’s grandfather from her father. He has not made an impression of himself on the film industry but is popularly known as Dan Akyroyd’s father. He has even appeared in different movies in short guest roles. Because of his son’s popularity, he has also appeared in different TV shows and interviews, sometimes individually and sometimes with his Children. Samuel is a Civil Engineer by profession.

Lorraine Hélène Aykroyd : Lorraine is Dan’s grandmother which makes her Belle Kingston Aykroyd’s grandmother. Alike Samuel, she is popular in the film role as Dan’s mother but she has not appeared in any short or long roles in movie.

Earl Dixon : Earl Dixon is Belle’s grandfather from her mother. Earl is Donna’s father. He is not an actress himself but is well known because he is Donna’s father. Earl owned a nightclub in United states called Hillbilly Heaven.

Uncle Peter Aykroyd : Peter Aykroyd is famous Canadian actor, writer and comedian. He is Dan’s brother and Bella’s uncle. He was born in Canada and has involved himself in different activities. He has written books like junior Gymnastic, Evil London, Finto the Fox and many more. He has appeared in different movies specially as a comedian artist. He along with his brother Dan Aykroyd wrote the movie Nothing but Trouble in early ninetees.Beside acting, writing, he has also provided voice overs in different cartoon and animation films.

Belle Kingston Aykroyd Parents

Belle Kingston Aykroyd has celebrity parents as both her father and mother have been high profile name in the Hollywood film industry.

Father Dan Aykroyd : Dan Aykroyd is a Canadian American actor who was born in Ontario, Canada, however later flourished as a popular actor back in United States. He is an actor, comedian, producer, director, musician, writer and businessman which sums up his list of career details.

He was born in Canada day, July 1, 1952, which makes him very much special among the Canadian fans. Besides acting, writing and his business, he has also been involved in different charitable works. He has helped in working for Blue Line foundation who has been helping for the flood damaged victims.

He was first engaged to Carrie Fisher, but the engagement was broken down after she reunited with her former boyfriend. Dan, then married to Donna Dixon, who is Bella’s mother.

Aykroyd is also a successful businessman as he has co-founded House of blues, which is his chain of music venues. He also started Crystal head Vodka brand.

Aykroyd was a buddy of John Belushi. According to Aykroyd, it was their very first meeting that aided spark the preferred Blues Brothers act. When they fulfilled in a club Aykroyd often visited, he played a blues record in the background, and it boosted an attraction with blues in Belushi, who was mainly a follower of heavy rock bands at the time.

Aykroyd enlightened Belushi on the finer points of blues music and, with a little inspiration from then-SNL music director Paul Shaffer, it brought about the creation of their Blues Brothers personalities.

In 1992, Aykroyd and Hard rock Coffee shop founder Isaac Tigrett founded House of Blues, a chain of music locations, with the objective to advertise African-American cultural payments of blues songs as well as folk art.

Numerous various other songs and also Hollywood characters aided to finance it at its beginning. It began as a solitary area in Cambridge, Massachusetts, although various other places swiftly adhered to, starting with a location in New Orleans in 1994.

In 2004 House of Blues came to be the second-largest online music marketer on the planet, with 7 venues as well as 22 amphitheaters in the United States and also Canada. It was purchased by Live Country in 2006

Mother Donna Dixon : Donna Dixon is a retired American actress and former beauty queen who was born in July 20, 1957 in Virginia, United States of America. She graduated from Groventon High School and joined George Washington University. She dropped out from the University and never got a degree.

Donna Dixon

She began her career as Model and won the Miss Virginia USA beauty contest in 1976. She also won the miss Washington DC later after one year in 1977 which kick started her career as an actress too.

In 1980 comedy Bosom Buddies, she co starred with Tom Hanks which started her career as an actress. Later she worked with Dan in Doctor Detroit in 1983 and months after working together, they got married. They later worked together in another movie, but they never shared same screen.


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