Ashley Jade Stern faced Post Divorce Affect

What it is to become the youngest children in the family and what do you have to face through when your parents get divorced when you are too young. Ashley Jade Stern has faced everything that a seven years old child had to go through when their parents decide to get separated from each other.

Alison Stern is the third and the youngest children from famous American television personality Howard Stern and she was born 15 years after her parents were in a marital relationship. After the birth of her 10 years senior sister Emily Beth Stern and seven years older sister Deborah, she is the third and the final children from her parents because they decided to separate after six years after her birth.

Ashley Jade Stern

Ashley Stern and her father Howard Stern.

Howard Stern was married to Alison Berns in in 1978. They were in relationship for more than 20 years during the time when they gave birth to three children, all daughters. Ashley was the youngest of the family and she was just six years older when her parents decided to stay separately.

Although Emily and Deborah were old enough to understand the circumstances, it might have been very difficult for smaller Ashley.

Her mother Alison was married to David Scott Simon after she got divorce from Howard. As Alison took the legal custody of the children, Ashley got David as her step father. The situation and the relationship between step father and step daughter is not always favorable. In many cases after divorce and second marriage, children had to go with unfavorable circumstances. Although Ashley including her sisters have not reportedly faced any critical or false news from their step father, they might have psychologically faced some kind of fight within themselves.

Ashley Jade Stern Family

Howard Stern : Howard Stern is the famous American television personality, actor, radio celebrity and has been popularly known for being judge in different TV reality show. He is the father of Ashley Stern.

Alison Berns : Alison Berns is the first wife of Howard Stern who was born in America. She is an American actress who was married to Howard for more than 20 years. She had three children with Howard and Ashley is one of them.

David Scott Simon : David Scott Simon is Alison Bern’s husband. He was married to Berns after she got divorce from Howard. As Alison has the custody of her children, David Scott Simon has acted as the parents of the children including Ashley who got his parenthood from a very young age. David Scott is the children’s stepfather.

Beth Ostrosky : Beth Ostrosky is Ashley’s and her sister’s step mother. Beth was married to Howard seven years after he got divorce from Alison. The couple were in relationship for almost 8 years when they got married.

Emily Stern : Emily Stern is the eldest sister of Ashley who is 10 years senior than her sister. After her parents were divorced, they got into their own relationship and probably it is the children who took care of each other. Being the eldest sister, Emily had been the guardian for Ashley.

Deborah Stern: Deborah Stern is the second children of Howard Stern and Alison Berns. She is seven years older than her sister Ashley. Deborah along with her sister Emily had took good care of her and provide great guidance to Ashley.

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