Angelo James Konecki – All Facts about Adele’s Son

Adele does not speak much about her private life, neither has she spoken much about her son Angelo James Konecki. Her son Angelo was born back in 2012, and Adele did not speak up about her son, not even his name even after his birth.

Even after the rumors broke up about her pregnancy, she only revealed that she was having a baby when she was seven months pregnant. She had hidden her pregnancy keeping it low profile from public wearing big and baggy clothes, making sure that she was able to avoid possible attention.

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Adele and Son Angelo James Konecki

Angelo James Konecki with his mother Adele

Angelo James Konecki was born in October 19, 2012, two weeks before the release of a movie which won her Golden Globe award. During the award reception ceremony, she refused to reveal the name of her three months old son back then. The Someone like you singer dedicated the award to her boyfriend and her three months son, but she refused to reveal the name. The reporters and her fans had to assume that the name of her son was Angelo, after she appeared with a necklace, “Angelo” necklace. The word Angelo meant Angel, which obviously showed her love to her son Angelo James Konecki.

The meaning of the name Angelo was Angel.

Adele always said that she enjoyed the personal company with her son, and she did not wanted to get him public. Angelo James Konecki wa born to Adele, 24 years old back then and her boyfriend Simon Konecki, 36 years old at the time when Angelo was born. His father, Adele’s boyfriend Simon had a daughter from his previous marriage. Angelo’s step children was five years old, at the time when he was born.

Family was always important to Adele and she keep up to herself when she gave birth to Angelo. She was very caring about her first child and she even did not go out much after the birth of her son.

Facts about Angelo James Konecki Father

Adele boyfriend Simon

Adele with her boyfriend Simon.

His father’s name is Simon Konecki. He is the  co-founder of the U.K. bottled water company Life Water.

He is 12 years older than Adele and was 36 years old when Angelo was born. Adele was 24 at the time when she gave birth to her first Child.

Simon Konecki had a five years old daughter with his previous marriage when Angelo was born.

The name of his ex-wife is Clary Fisher. She was a fashion stylish. They got married in 2004 but later split in 2010.

He was born in April 17, 1974 and lived his first decade in the New York. He moved to London when he was 10. He worked as foreign exchange broker when he was 17 years old. He currently lives in Brighton.

As Adele was very much protective about her personal life and did not want her private life to be known to the public, the relationship between Simon and Adele was only known to public after the news of her pregnancy came out.

There were many rumors that Simon and Adele broke up, but Adele has came out to Social Media at times to confirm that they were all rumors. Although they have not married, Simon might get into second marriage with Adele who has confirmed that she wanted to be wife and mom together.

Facts about Angelo James Konecki Mother

Her real name is Adele and her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins which many of her fans do not know.

She was born to Penny Adkins and Marks Evans in Tottenham, London back in 5 may 1988. She was raised and looked upon solely by her mother after she was two years old.

Adele went on for a throat surgery in 2011 which his doctor blamed was a cause of her smoking habit. Later she quit her smoking habit and even accepted that could have killed her slowly.

As of today (8/20/2016) she already has 10 Grammy Awards and 3 Guinness World Records.

She was 24 when she gave birth to her son. As she is not very much public about her personal life, she was able to hide her pregnancy with public for about seven months. She also kept her son’s name private until he was three months old and refused to reveal the name when a reported asked about in Grammy awards back stage. Angelo James Konecki was her son with her boyfriend Simon Konecki. Her relation with her boyfriend was only revealed when it was found that she was pregnant.

As Adele was always protective about her personal life, she sued paparazzi for publicly snapping and revealing their pictures along with her son during a family outing, which was supposed to be Adele Son Angelo James Konecki first family outing. The media came up in an agreement to not use the image again and was ready to compensation for the loss and damage.

She has a great number of fan following with more than 65 Million fans on her official Facebook account, 16 million fans on Instagram, and more than 12 million subscribers on her official vevo YouTube account. Her most viewed song from her YouTube account is Hello, which was released only 9 months back and has more than 1.6 Billion views till date in YouTube.

Adele certainly is very much protective about her family and private life. She has been involved in different rumors which claimed that she parted away with her boyfriend. But the fact that she cares about her children so much, Angelo might be the one who would save their parent’s togetherness. Adele would like to see her son with both his father and mother, which means despite of any problems and misunderstandings, the couple could get into a marriage anytime soon.

Adele has won different things including heart of her fans and love of her fans. This would certainly bring up the stratum for Angelo on his future days. While Bill gates has been able to maintain these things for his children including Phoebe Adele Gates and Rory John Gates, it would be up to Adele to see how she looks into her children. She must be able to keep her son away from anything that would distract him for a better future.

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