Top 10 amazing places in America

The United States of America is a place full of wonders. So, narrowing down the list of the most amazing places to visit is certainly an impossible task. However, we have prepared 10 of the most amazing places in America. Make sure to include them on your travel bucket list. Especially, if you are planning to travel around America in the near future!

Death Valley National Park, California

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Death Valley is no Disneyland, Wildlife Reserve or a Water Park. But, it is America’s lowest, hottest and driest point. Yet, it is among the most visited places in America. Nobody should miss the waves of sand dunes, bizarre-shaped Joshua trees, and dramatic and startling silence of the Death Valley. Hiking and Four-wheel-drive are also one of its major attractions. The most amazing thing in Death Valley is to watch the sunset from Zabriskie point.


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