Alaina Marie Mathers Facts – Eminem daughter

Best known as the adopted daughter of Eminem,  Alaina Marie Mathers was actually born from Eminem’s sister in law Dawn Mathers. Alaina was born on May 3, 1993 in United States of America.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers Family

Unlike normal children, Aliaina Mathers has a difficult family to understand. She was born from Dawn Scott, Eminem’s sister in law. So logically, Eminem’s daughter are her cousins and Kimberly Anne Scott, who happens to be Eminem’s ex-wife, her daughters should have been Alaina Marie Mathers’ cousins. However it was Eminem and his wife then, Kimberly who adopted Alaina, which makes Eminem’s daughters with Kim her siblings and Dawn’s remaining childrens are her cousins.

Biological Mother : Dawn Scott 

Dawn Scott is Kimberly Anne Scott’s sister and actual biological mother of Alaina Marie. Dawn, Kim and Eminem all grew up together. As we all know Eminem and his ex-wife Kim struggled with their lifes over drug use and Eminem had public batttle over addiction. Although Eminem was able to overcome the habit and coule stay clean, his sister in Law could not. She died on January 19, 2016 and Radaronline reported that she was overdosed with heroine which took her life. She was found dead in trailer park, a place very close to where all three were grown up together.

Her on and out boyfriend Les Martin said that Scott was doing every kind of drug that she could get her hands on. Eminem has a net worth of around $200 million and despite of that, it was previously reported that Eminem and his family cut out Dawn Scott from any kind of financial help.

Dawn is the twin sister of Kim, however after she had financial cut off from Marshall Mathers’ family , her death came four months after the decision. Dawn was homeless and was sleeping on the street from couch to couch since 2014.

Father : Eminem

eminem Net worth

Eminem Performing stage to add up on his net worth

Eminem is a famous rapper who had struggled a lot during his early days. Grown up in a neighbourhood with mostly black kids, it were very difficult for him to establish as a rapper being a white kid. He was a shy youngster during his age while he did rap battles.

His early days struggle could be seen in the movie 8 mile, where Eminem has appeared as the actor representing himself. The movie shows his early day struggle, his family problems and his love life.

Eminem was in relationship with Kim, whom he had a daughter before he got married with her. The couple married four years later after the birth of their biological daughter. Although he has one biologicl daughter,  he has adopted two daughters, one from his sister law and one from Kim while she was in relationship with some one else.

He had on and off relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott who he married in 1999, only to divorce two years after. The couple remarried again in 2006, however the relationship only laster three months after their second marriage. Despite of legally staying divorced, the couple has a good friendship, claims Kim.

Mother : Kimberly Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott is Dawn’s twin sister and Alaina Marie Mathers’ mother as Eminem and Kimberly adopted Alaine. Although she could have been Alaina’s aunt, not mother had the couple not adopted the children, she is her mother though.

Kim struggled as a drug addict along with her sister and her husband Emine, she decided to stay clean and healthy after surviving an attempted car crash suicide.

Kim Mathers, who now goes by Kim Scottt admitted that she tried to end her life through the car accident. Although she was clean from drugs for 10 years, she was found to be depressed after a life since her seperation with Eminem. She said she had money, she could pay her bills and give her children anything they want, but having money did not mean happiness to her. She said she looked at the road which was empty and decided to crash her car so that no one else other than her could get hurt. She admitted to have taken alcohol and pills while she met the accident.

It is believed that Kim when she was running away at the age of 13 along with her sister Dawn found Eminem, 15 years old then and moved to Eminem’s place then. Six years after the incident, their first daughter was born who is considered to be Eminem’s inspiration and reason for some of his hits. The couple married in 1999 which was followed by a nasty divorce two years after.

They again remarried in January 2006, but again broke up three months later. Kim admits that the famous rapper and her are still best friends and they are trying to raise their children together in a way that could make them a favourable and normal condition.


Hailie Jade

Kim along with her sister Dawn moved to Eminem’s place while they were running away. Six years later, Haile Jade was born. Hailie was born on December 25, 1995, four years before her parents Eminem and Kim married for the first time.

Hailie is Alaina’s sister in relation as Eminem and Kim adopted Alaina. If they would not have decided to keep Aliana as their children, Hailie would have been her cousin.

Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002 is Kim’s daughter from her another relationship with Eric Hatter. After Kim’s and Eminem’s marriage in 1999, the couple divorced two years later and Kim was in few other relationship including one with Eric. Whitney was born during Kim Scott’s relation with Eric. Although Eminem is not blood related with Whitney, he loves her and has adopted her. He has full custody of Whitney despited he had on and off relationship with Kim.

So Alaina Marie Mathers is her sister only because Eminem is their dad and posses legal custody of both adopted children. Alaina and Whitney could have been cousins though.


Debroah R Nelson-Mathers

Marshall Bruce Mathers

Jr. Kathleen Sluck


Nathan Kane Samara

Michael Mathers

Life TimeLine  – Alaina Marie Mathers

This sections covers most important time in Alaina’s life.

1987 – This was the time when her biological mother Dawn and Kim ran away from house to find 15 years old then Eminem who took them to his house. This was the turning point when Eminem, Kim and Dawn started to have a close relationship and this all began.

1993 – Five years after these three met, Alaina Marie Mathers was born while her mother Dawn was in relationship, most probably with Eric.

1999 – This was the year when Eminem and Kim married. They were in relationship from long time back and then they finally married. However the official marriage relationship did not last for long time as the couple divorced two years later. Her father had on and off relationship with Kimberly Scott as they remarried in 2006, but the marriage lasted only for three months.

2016 – This was the time when her biological mother was found dead, probably overdose with Heroine. All Eminem, Kim and Dawn struggled with drugs, however it was Dawn who could not give up drugs but her life. Eminem and Kim completely isolated Dawn after her habits.

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