8 most dangerous beaches in the world

1. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

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The Hanakapiai Beach in Hawaii is one of the most picturesque places you would ever find. The only way to reach the beach, however, is a 2 long hike. Hanakapiai Beach is in such a remote place that there aren’t usually any lifeguards present. The other dangerous thing about Hanakapiai beach is its Rip current. The Rip current pulls a swimmer more towards the sea. Swimmers may have to swim 6 miles to reach the land if they are pulled further. With no lifeguards and tired muscles due to long hours of swimming, people usually drown to death in Hanakapiai beach. Underestimating the waves, a total of 83 people have drowned there. So, it is definitely one of the most dangerous beaches in the world.


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