8 most dangerous beaches in the world

6. Cape Tribulation, Australia

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Cape Tribulation beach is located in the northern part of Queensland. Australia is generally regarded as the country for the most splendid beaches. But, Cape Tribulation beach is certainly not one of them.

During the summer season, marine stingers are present in the water. There have been few sightings of the crocodiles and alligators near this beach. And, when you are sitting relaxed on the beach, you have to be wary of the attack from Cassowary birds. Cape Tribulation is home to several venomous snakes. The greatest threat to swimmers and surfers are the Jellyfish. The Jellyfish there are so venomous that it can kill a person within few minutes. The Jellyfish are difficult to see as they are translucent and they attack a person’s cardiovascular system. Since 1883, more than 70 deaths have been reported in Cape Tribulation beach.


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